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Sunday, June 10, 2007

You tell me

I see SOMETHING! Do you see something?

It's a $ tree test. I don't trust it. I'm going to CVS right now for a better one.

Can you be a little pregnant?

There was nothing but the dark line and then the other appeared.

Gone to the store!


Ok, so CVS and Eckard were closed! Without traveling all over town to get to Wal-mart, I ran in Food Lion (in my jammies and flip flops! Good LORD!). Of course they didn't have the CBE ones just First response and store brand. I got the First Response and sped back home only to NOT BE ABLE TO PEE!!! I tried and got a few drops on the stick. There's a faint second line. Now, somehow I'm going to have to make it thru the night and catch a good pee in the morning. I'm not gonna sleep a wink!

And while all this was going on my lovely wife was in the back changing a flat tire on her work car. She didn't even know I left the house! She came in and asked about the test and I guess the goofy grin on my face kinda gave it away. Into the bathroom we went. She then says that I didn't even come outside to see how butch she was while changing the tire. LORD! Can we PLEASE get our priorities straight! I don't care about no stinking tire! Ive got sticks to pee on! :o)

Here's hoping for a quick night!

I'm NOT excited. Really I'm not.

Really! ;o)


Lauren said...

That's definitely a "pregnant" line you got there. It doesn't matter how faint it is...


hotomiky said...

I do see it! A double line! To my understanding - if you see a line - no matter how light it is.

Oh boy, now I can't sit til I get a confirmation from you.

Crossing fingers!!

Weathering The Storm said...

Wow that's definitely a positive.Our fist pregnancy test looked exactly like that at 10dpo we tested days later with a BFP

e. said...

i agree, that's a positive if i ever saw one.


Kim said...

Oh ladies! We SO hope you're right! Thanks!!

K J and the kids said...

You are SOOOOO pregnant.
First timers !!!! I can't believe it.

Merr said...

I see a line too. I never ever got a faint line when it was negative, so it has to be positive! Keep us updated.