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Sunday, June 10, 2007

We broke down

and tested. Well, I better say I broke down. I had to twist M's arms and legs to let me do it.

It was negative. I swear I saw a very, very faint line! But that was if I held it just right under the light and at an angle and squinted really hard with one eye closed. It was negative. I know.

I'm not getting upset. It's still very early. Yesterday was just day 9 or 10 DPO. I'm not really sure which. We had the IUI on May 30 which would have been 10 days ago yesterday but I don't think we ovulated until the next day, May 31 which would make yesterday day 9. I don't know but either way, it was negative.

I just couldn't stand it any longer. I have all sorts of symptoms and according to a site that a blog friend recommended, they've had the same ones. I know, I'm grasping, but I just feel things I've never felt before. Or that I've never felt at this time of the month. Like sore boobs, cramping, funny twinges and a few sharp pains. I'm super thirsty, peeing all the time, can't sleep(nerves I'm sure). I've been a super be-otch to M the last few days(sorry babes, it's just the hormones..i hope). I've been a little dizzy a few times. Feel pukey every now and then....all day Tuesday. I've gagged a few times brushing my teeth. I feel wet and I've had a little bit of CM the past few days (never had that before expect around O time). My pee smells funny(don't know if that means anything but it does, sorry TMI). I haven't had any spotting. Is that bad? Does everyone? And I guess the last thing is I'm tired. Super tired.

These things really have happened. It's not my mind playing tricks. I'm just hoping they're happening for the RIGHT reason and not because of stress.

UGH!! I hate getting my hopes up!

I sure wish I had continued taking my temps. Maybe I could have noticed a change with that? Oh well, if this isn't the time then I'll know to temp next time.
We used a $ tree test. I bought 5 of them yesterday. I was expecting to open the box and find a stick to pee on but NOOOO I had to pee in a cup and use a little eye dropper thingy and drop 4 drops on the test thing. That was different. I like the sticks better. We're going to get the good ones(Clear Blue Easy) for days 13 and 14. I wanna see it spelled out nice and plain for me....PREGNANT. But then again, if its NOT PREGNANT, we'll just look forward to next month.
Is it time yet?


K J and the kids said...

I hope that you are pregnant. I hope that all of these signs signal a healthy happy pregnancy.
Some people say they can tell this early.
Who knows.
Good luck !

Merr said...

Holy cow, I was getting nervous for you just reading this!