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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Still waiting

We just made it back home from Ky. Good trip. HOT but good. Dad's doing much better. Getting around alot faster. Mom's trying to deal with him getting back to his grouchy self. :o)

Thanks to all of you who commented on my question post. I'm not sure which has been harder....this 2 week wait thing (which we still have a week left of) or waiting the 8 hours to get to Ky to check and see if yall answered! It was all I could do not to call a friend and have her check and tell me over the phone. I should have listened more when yall said it would be a long hard 2 weeks. You weren't kidding!

I wanna test NOW! We're going to TRY...yeah right...and wait til Wednesday to test. That will be 2 weeks after insemination. The doc said to test Friday. We MIGHT make it til Monday!

It's SO hard not to get our hopes up. Who am I telling? Yall know all this! You've been there and done that or are doing that now and have several times.

Let us think positive, happy, healthy baby thoughts and if it doesn't work out this time.......we'll kinda know what to expect next time. Not really....but we're trying to think positive....remember? ;o)


Merr said...

Hey glad you made it back safe and sound!
One more week! You can do it! The first week is always faster than the second though!

D&E said...

I'm just past attempt # 4 and I can tell you that the waiting period *does* get easier. Never, mind you, EASY, but you get used to it, rather. Just keep thinking positive thoughts and try to wait it out. I peed on three sticks 4,3, and 2 days prior to when my Aunt Flo was supposed to show up on attempt # 1 cuz I'm sooo not a patient person and it only made me more agonized so really try to hold out until your true test date. GOOD LUCK, GIRLS!!!!