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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gracie's Nursery

Many moons ago someone asked for pics of Gracie's nursery so in an attempt to somewhat catch up on blogging...here ya go!

It's nothing fancy but we love it and so far Gracie hasn't complained.

Here's a shot looking in from the doorway.

The crib is a hand me down from a friend. The flower pictures are all ones that I've taken. And the rug and curtains came from WalMart.

Here's another shot from the doorway.

The HUGE turtle is something I've had for ages. The lamp and baskets on the dresser came from Walmart. I think we got the mobile from Target. The glider/rocker was only $99 from Big Lots.

The butterfly/flower picture is a charcoal drawing by M's mom.

Here's another shot of the room.

The changing table is also a hand me down from M's sister. The quilt was hand made by M's grandma years ago and we got the quilt rack off ebay.

And another couple shots of Gracie's closet.

This shot was taken yesterday after adding the shoe/hat bag. We put the lower closet rod up a few weeks ago.

And this little bunny foo foo light was made for me when I was a little squirt.

I almost forgot! Here's where Gracie slept for her first 5 1/2 months. Right next to mommy Kim!

This is the cradle I slept in! My papaw made it for me almost 36 years ago.

Then the little stinker got too big and learned to roll over.

So we did a photo shoot with some of Mommy Kim's baby clothes and retired the cradle to the garage.

There ya have it! Gracie's flower nursery.


Mimi said...


Bettina McIntosh said...

Absolutely love it - the colours and the history of the items are just wonderful!

P said...

I love the nursery. The quilt is beautiful. Its special that you have things for Gracie from the past that have a special meaning.

Svillage said...

very cute! I really like the bold pink!

Teaberry said...

I love it! It's adorable... I noticed your little piggie washcloth puppet-- we have that, too. Do you have the dog and panda, also? :)

I absolutely love nursery pictures!

hotomiky said...

beautiful!! I love nursery room!

I love the last picture - beautiful!!