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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm SO behind!

Almost 3 months behind?! I'm hoping, not promising, to get caught up soon but first I need some advice on a couple of things.

First, Gracie is just about ready for a big girl car seat. She's almost reached the weight limit (20lbs-25lbs I can't remember which) for her infant carrier/car seat. I looked around a bit online last night was just overwhelmed by all the choices.

What's next? A convertable car seat? A combination car seat? What brand is best? What should we look for? What should we stay away from? What do you all have?

Now for naptime. Oh my word what a battle! Well sometimes it is and other times she will take her bottle and go right down but that only lasts about 1/2 hour UNLESS you hold her and then I swear she'd sleep all day! She usually takes 2 naps. One around 9-10am and then again around 1 or so. She's a GREAT night sleeper tho. We put her to bed around 6pm and she's out until 6am-630am! It's just the naps that are a bit more work. Any suggestions?


And as a thank you for your input, here's few pics of our little flower.


Loralou said...

Wow she is looking so like you! And I can see some of her other Mama in there too ;)
Car seats... I don't know if USA is different to us but they recommend that you keep them rear facing for as long as possible.
So we went for the Britax first class plus :)

twomommys said...

OMG!!!!!! I can't take the cuteness!! She is a beauuuuutiful baby! I like Britax also, my fav is the Marathon 70 that goes up to 70 pounds. strollers.com has them on sale with free shipping and if you use code Britax20 there is an extra 20% off which makes them over $100 cheaper then Babies R Us. Def a good deal and worth the money!! Babies should be rear facing until at least 2. Here's the one I would suggest: http://www.strollers.com/Britax-E9LB11Q-BRX1218.html

As far as napping I don't know what to tell you. I would suggest letting her cry for a few minutes to see if she can get herself back to sleep. Sounds like she's in the routine of taking cat naps then waking up after a few minutes so she can be held or whatever. It's hard to do that though so IDK if that's the route you wanna take.

P said...

Wow she is growing fast. So cute. I love your Christmas post with everyone in their pj's.

Teaberry said...

She is SO adorable!

We have a car seat very similar to this one, but ours was 79.99 and is a darker navy blue color. Lucas seems very comfortable in the seat and it is very secure and snug. We had it installed by a very strong family member and the seat doesn't even budge.


I'm glad to see a new post!

AllAngela said...

Super cute! As for car seats, I highly recommend the Britax Marathon. Very cute and safe. As for the napping, have you tried putting her down later? I would try to move her bedtime back to 7:30 and see what happens. I bet her naps would sort themselves out that way and she'd take one nap for 2-3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. She is such an adorable baby!! Very pretty and getting so big!!


E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Britax is the way to go. Well made, easy to use. Safe. Expensive, but worth it. I think they go on sale in Feb.

Naps: She should be taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Morning nap may be shorter (like 45 mins) and afternoon nap should be around 1.5 hours. It should totally be after her bottle and then down. Honestly, at 7.5 months old we used the Feber method.....

Ali said...

She is just adorable!I love her smile! We researched and chose Britax. The newest one is the Advocate. Pricey but safe.
Naps... I got nothing. We still do one some days, two other days. 6p-6a is a loong night stretch, that is great. If that is working and you don;t want to back it up a bit then I would just take the occas nap battle and roll with it. maybe skip that nap that day if she seems particularly sure that she does not want it.Ferber method=bad advice. Read the Science of Parenting or Dr Sears. That method causes a rise is cortisol levels and down hill from there. that guy was a quack. napping might just not be her thing sometimes... she sure has the night time down! :)

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

I need to respond to "Ali" comment about Ferber. I wrote about the spectrum of advice here:


And the Ferber method here:

Olive said...

Britax--We have 3...one for each of our cars and one for our sitter. No lie we spent like 600 dollars on car seats when she out grew her carrier, but they are rated the safest and are SUPER easy to use. For us it was about safety. My sister has a cheap seat from Walmart and I really do think that her kid is going to get seriously injured if she is ever in an accident.

On naps, we slept with Lilly for naps until she was 1. Stupid...I know. BUT, she was taking 3 naps a day until age one as that is what she needed. Anyway, we put started putting her down and walking away after that, and it worked for us. But, may not for you. She is 2 now and we have to sit in the room and tell her to lay down until she passes out....if we don't she won't sleep.