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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A bit down

I want to write but I don't know what to say.

M's ok. I'm ok (I think) and the flower is ok ( I pray). I'm just kinda in a scared slump. This time last week I was so excited about our numbers but as the week has gone by I've found myself more and more scared. I still have hardly any symptoms and that makes me worry. I'm tired. My back has, just over the past couple of days, started hurting(Is that good or bad?). My boobs are just the tinyest bit sensitive.

And this time last cycle I had started to spot. I know I shouldn't compare last time to this time but it's all I've got. I find myself reading what happened each day last time. Maybe I shouldn't do that?

I don't mean to be a downer. I'm just really scared. This sucks.

I keep debating back and forth whether or not to call for a 3rd beta. I just don't know. Our ultrasound is 10 days away. That seems like FOREVER away.

I know I can't change anything if something has or is going to happen but this unknown is really getting me.

It's hot! 91 degrees today!

Our toilet is broken.

My heart is breaking for Merr & Sum. *hugs*

I could burst into tears at any minute.

I feel like I might puke!


Marcy "meg" said...

I am sorry you are having a down day... but, I am sure everything is ok. I know how scary it would be to comparing it to last time... but just remember this time is different! You may want to call for a beta for peace of mind though... I would probably be the same way! Anyway you can get your ultrasound moved up a bit?

Melissa said...

Hang in there! I agree with the above poster if it will give you some peace of mind I say request a 3rd beta.

Kim said...

Thanks girls. I think I feel better just getting all that out of my system. :o)

I'm forcing positive thoughts in my brain now. Watch out!! :o)

Keri said...

Hang on - it's going to be fine. But I say, if it makes you feel better to get another beta, go for it! Why not?
Big hug!

K J and the kids said...

I hope you find some peace soon.
If it helps you get that 3rd beta...then get it :)
Thinking of you !

Merr said...

Thank you! I hope to God that you have nothing to worry about.

Two Mamas said...

Puking is good! Don't worry about the symptoms. It's still really early. I don't think you have a thing to worry about unless you are cramping or bleeding heavy.

Keep the faith. Your little one is just putting on his/her best behavior!!

You could give your doc a call and get the third beta. Hell, what's another prick, right?

Keep us posted!

kittenroar5 said...

Hang in there. Lots of women don't have tons of symptoms, but the puking sounds good. I second (or third) the idea of a beta. Hugs.

tbean said...

I don't blame you for feeling down and being scared. But I definitely believe that everything is going fine in there!

shortmama910@yahoo.com said...

Kim, i hope all is well, go get that 3rd beta if you need to for peace of mind.

As for the symptoms, dont worry about it. With Alex, I had no symptoms, and when i say no symptoms I MEAN none, not even a missed period. I went to the doc for my annual pap and he palpated my tummy as they always do and said ummmmm do you know you are pregnant, and u r alot pregnant, I was 28 weeks pregnant. Hold on stranger friend, you'll be fine, and know that all the feelings you are expeeriencing are normal and to be expected.xoxo tammy

Bobby said...

Well I am not to informed on the whole preggers thing. So I can only say that I will think good thoughts for you.

Breathe sister friend....

Thinking of you all!

hotomiky said...

Sorry that your feeling down today...

Go and call ur dr for 3rd beta. I did with my "3" pregnant. It helped...


Holly said...

We spent the entire first 2 trimesters on edge after the m/c. If getting another beta makes you feel better, then go for it!
I wouldn't worry about the lack of symptoms though. That happens to so many people then they get slammed with m/s again.

But if it helps, than I hope you feel like crap again soon!

SW said...

Just wanted to say we're thinking of you. Hope you're feeling better.

Marcy "meg" said...

Did you call for the 3rd beta?

I hope you are feeling better today.