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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm good...

for now but that's only because I just had a melt down so I'm not due for another for a good hour or two.

So here's the deal. I decided to call for a 3rd beta. The receptionist put me on hold FOREVER and when she finally picked up she said she didn't think my insurance would cover it and that she had just talked to Nice Nurse W who said I didn't need one since my numbers did their things so well last time and that our u/s was just a week away and that I needed to reschedule the ultrasound because my doc wouldn't be there next Friday.

Ok well, my insurance covered the 3rd beta last time and my numbers did their thing last time and I saw a heartbeat but that ended in a dead baby and don't they realize next week is FOREVER away and I've already rescheduled the ultrasound once already.

I want a 3rd beta and I'm NOT rescheduling again!


I explained the beta was covered last time and that I wanted one. She said they were booked today and that I could come in tomorrow. I don't want to come in tomorrow...I want to come in today! She agreed to fax my records to a lab here in town and I'll be going there when I get off at 3 this evening. I should hopefully have the results tomorrow sometime. I also explained that I've already rescheduled the u/s once already and delaying it any longer would just send me over the edge. She said she would have to check and see if the attending/fellow could do it. Hello! That's what they did the last time! But I have a crappy feeling I'm going to have to reschedule. She said they would call me back about that.

Wow! I'm just one big emotional mess right now. My word!

But onto better things.

Our toilet is fixed along with the leaky faucet in the kitchen. That cost us $300 we really didn't have to spare. But hey! It's fixed.

It rained. We needed it.

It's no longer 91 degrees but instead right now its 62. Ahhh! Fall.

I got my hair cut and I love it.

And we might go camping Saturday night!

Come on beta! Do your thing!!


K J and the kids said...

I can't WAIT to hear how your beta numbers come back.
You have every right to this.
Way to go pushing the issue !
I can't believe they aren't being a little more caring with your.
(bastards :)

Marcy "meg" said...

Excellent for staying on them about the 3rd beta. Unfortunately that is what it takes sometimes! I can't wait to hear the great numbers!!!

Good luck on the ultrasound.. hopefully they don't make you reschedule!

tbean said...

good for you for pushing for the 3rd beta
you will feel so much better having that news to help you get to next friday!

Keri said...

Good for you! I think the fact that you're an emotional wreck is good too! Get used to it. :)

Melissa said...

I'm glad you put your foot down and got what you wanted. I really think these beta numbers will put your mid at ease a little.

Could you also send some of that cooler weather down to Texas?