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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend recap and more **UPDATED**

What a fun weekend!

The State Fair was great! We walked around, checked out the animals and caught a few of the shows and of course WE ATE! Cheese steaks. Corn dogs. Fries. Fried pickles. And a caramel apple for the next day. All yum!

I was pretty tired by the time we hit the road back home. All that walking and standing around really did a number on my back. But I'm all rested up now.

Sunday at Busch was just as fun. Guess what we did? Yep. We ate. But not so much this time. Just dinner in Italy. But again, yum.


Today was repeat beta day.

Remember how Nurse Wendy told me it should be in the high 500s?

Well, I've been stressing about this all week. I just don't feel pregnant and those sick belly feelings I was having...well they are no more. I just feel tired and have to pee alot. I've really been worrying and pretty scared. This has been/is really hard.

Well....my numbers last Tuesday were 77.

Today they weren't in the high 500s like we were hoping.

They were 2456!!!!!

HOLY COW!! I'm so excited and I'm going to enjoy being excited today because I know tomorrow I will be a little freaked out again. I'm trying! It's just so danged hard!! I want this SO bad that I just can't keep from noticing every lil thing I feel or don't feel. But enough of that.

Our numbers were 2456!! WOOWHOOO!!

Our first ultra sound is scheduled for October 17 at 1030 am!

Oh great! That's 2 weeks away! Another TWW!?!? Come on people! :o)

If anyone out there cares....

Our ultrasound had to be rescheduled for 2 days later. It's now on October 19 at 3:30. M's got a class on the 17th that she CAN NOT get out of. That's ok. That just means our flower will be 2 days older and that much more developed. :o)

And yes...I've gone ticker crazy.


K J and the kids said...

You are in the 9 month wait girl :)
I'm so happy about your numbers. How reassuring.
Can't wait to see pictures of this little flower :)

Holly said...

The numbers sound great!
Waiting for the ultrasound will be tough - but remember, this is the last 9 months of peace and couple time for about 19 years! Enjoy it!

Merr said...

Yay for good numbers!!!
I do the same thing. Worry if I feel something or don't feel something. It is not fun!

treewater said...

Remember the 11's? 2456: 2+4+5=11;
5+6=11... Hehehe... I just had to say :)

Congratulations! You guys seem like you will make great mamas!

hotomiky said...

Whooo... We are very happy that your beta went up and HIGH!

Can't wait to hear more exciting news!!

Sara said...

great news!

Melissa said...

Congrats on the numbers!!

Bobby said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Food, and fun!

How exciting about your first ultrasound being two weeks away!!!! Gosh, it must be an amazing feeling; being a parent.

Hope all is well with the both of you, and glad to know that everything is good in your end!


Ali said...

Soo excited for you!! Go Beta!!Can't wait for the ultrasound pics...

Em said...

I'm just catching up in blogland...I've missed a few weeks of posts. Congratulations to both of you, I love the pictures of you both with the sign! Your beta numbers sound awesome too!

tbean said...

Awesome news about the beta! Can't wait for that ultrasound.

La said...

YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I never knew about the #s, but I see they are certainly very important. We will continue to pray for you both...Keep positve. Looking forward to the pictures.

Chris said...


Congratulations, my dears. That is great news.

j.k-c. said...

CONGRATS!!! You must be so excited! Enjoy the feeling!

Two Mamas said...

Congrats girls!

We're a few weeks behind you and we also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter.

Your numbers look awesome!! Can't wait to read your u/s post!

Best wishes,

Dis said...

Holy big beta! Congrats :-)

s. k-c. said...

What great inspiration to read about your success! And good luck with the sympathy symptoms... :)

G said...

Fried Pickles??? .... Congrats on the pregnancy and the numbers that's great!