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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stormy Sunday....

Hey all, it is Kim's wife, M. We went on a long ass kayaking trip today with friends. The trip was over 10 miles long. It was as hot as Africa must be. We lost the falling tide out and then the winds changed on us making us paddle against a strong head wind. Then we ran into very choppy water with waves breaking over our bow. The sky turned a disgusting dark blue with looming thunder cells in the distance. Then the sky lit up with some wicked lightening. None of this is good to have on the open water. We luckily narrowly missed the heavens opening up and unloading much needed rain on us. Dumped right after we got our kayaks loaded on the truck. Thank you GOD!

We put in at about 1045 am and didn't get off the water until almost 4 pm. A long trip.....However what I really wanted to tell you guys is how truely awsome my wife was. She is a trooper. Her AF came (yeah that means we can start making a baby again soon) and she had to pee, but she buckled down and trudged through like a soldier. I was very proud of her. She is such a strong person, you guys have no idea. And I know her arms and shoulders are very sore now.

Then when we got off the water as if the day was not hard enough.....did I mention she also had to work tonight at the conclusion of our boat trip......she had gotten a call from her mom. Always bad news when her mom calls her. Her nephew (who is like a brother to her) had gotten into a bad accident. He has a broken neck, docs had to drain over 2 pints of blood from his lungs and the two other boys in the vehicle are not expected to live. He was not driving, but let me say drinking and driving never is good (hopefully her nephew will learn from this). This is Kim's non brothers son (we will call her nephew D), a good kid who has made some mistakes in his life.

We get home and she showers up and is off to work (which is where she is now). She is a very strong woman, I don't know if she even realizes how strong she is.

On a lighter note she took some pics so hopefully she will get them developed and post a few. We had over 20 folks who went in our group.

Just wanted to let you guys know what an incredible woman I am married too.....Love you babe! I have a back rub waiting for you when you get home!!!!!

Okay babes, no more blogging for me....


Bobby said...

KIM & M, your experience on the water sounds pretty exhausting, but also FUN!!! I Kayak all Florida when I go on vacation! AWESOME TIMES! Sorry to hear about your nephew. I truly hope he recovers from the injuries he has sustained. Terrible; that alcohol contributes to the most unfortunate accidents. Keeping both of you, and nephew in my thoughts...
Stay Strong!

K J and the kids said...

Sounds great...can't wait to see pictures.

WOO HOO baby making is on.

hotomiky said...

Wow... must be exhausting and scary.... glad you all are ok!

Sorry abt your nephew.

Sending baby dust to you all... :o)

La said...

Love kayaking!!! Bad weather not so good!

Great news about AF!! We are hoping mine returns in about 10 days.

Prayers for your nephew.


Holly said...

Take care of your girl M!!
We are excited for the "back on the TTC wagon" journey!

Hope Kim's nephew is ok. That sounds like a horrible lesson to learn.

ECand3 said...

Can't wait to see the pix of the kayak trip from hell
So sorry about Kim's nephew - he will be in our prayers, along with the 2 of you.
And on the ttc - WAHOO! Good luck. We all despise AF, but what a joy when it means the start of a new cycle!