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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I'm still out of my office and it's gotten REALLY old. I thought being out of that room for a week would be a blessing but it's been the total opposite. I'm so ready to go back home...to my own office with our computers, and our radios and our phone system and chairs and our kitchen and our bathroom. Get the pic? Hopefully the switch over will be tomorrow.

Have I ever mentioned what an impatient person I am? Well, I am! This wait for AF to show is really about to get to me. No. It HAS gotten to me! I was hoping that maybe just maybe I would start back with my regular 28 day cycle and all would go smoothly. Of course not. That would mean AF would have showed up last Friday and that didn't happen. However....I think it may not be long now. I've got that feeling. So cross your fingers that it happens soon so we can get this party started again.

I was playing with some numbers today and if AF shows...say this Thursday....and we get lucky and become pregnant this cycle our due date would be May 29. Hhhmm...May 29 is the day we inseminated this last time and it just happens to be my NON brothers b-day. Now, wouldn't that just be something!? This is the brother that said M & I would split hell wide open because of who we are and that he doesn't want himself or his children around us. I wonder if he'll burst into flames if he shares a birthday with our child?

I'm so bad.

With all that being said.....I'll leave you with this....

My wife....hard at work. Well, resting after being hard at work.


K J and the kids said...

The numbers thing seem to be so important to you. That must be a good sign.
I hope AF visits soon. :)

Holly said...

Firefighters are sexy! Love the pic! LOL

Here's to hoping your schedule works out. I think May 29th would be a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and M -
Remember me - the Ohio lawyer from the cruise? We're checking in after a long hiatus. Sorry to hear about everything you have been through, but great to hear that you are trying again soon! We did our first round this month. There's no explanation for it, but we never got an OPK + and my chart has been all over the place. For some reason, I think I did not ovulate this month (first time ever!). So we will likely be trying again with you in September. :)Will be crossing our fingers for both of us!

Bobby said...

KIM & M I will seriously keep you in my positive thoughts!!!


La said...

Here's to hoping AF comes soon....for the both of us.

First said...

Cool pic of your partner. Hoping everything works out for you.

neicey said...

All of your feelings are absolutely normal....the most important piece is to keep talking-It brings some normalcy to a crazy making journey.
anonymous...same, same,same
Glad you are all connected-sending light and love your way