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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Everyone important knows.....

that we were pregnant and are trying again soon.

Mom told Dad.

My cell phone rang a while ago and my heart dropped. It was my mom. She usually only calls (she's an email fan) when something is wrong so I've come to dread hearing her ring tone(Amazing Grace). I could tell in her voice she wasn't just calling to chit chat. She asked if I was home that she didn't want to interrupt if we were out doing something. I told her I was home, on the couch, watching tv(exciting huh? M says its the middle of the week and we're an old married couple where else would we be?). Mom then proceeded to ask how we were doing and all that jazz. I gave her my normal response that everything's fine to which she responded "hang on". Geesh...what is she up to? The next thing I hear is "Kimberly Sue. You're gonna get a whoopin'". Uh oh! It was Dad! Only he didn't have the "you're in deep do-do" voice but rather the "I don't know what to say" voice. His voice cracked when he said he was sorry that he wasn't able to share in our sorrow when it happened and how he wished he would have known while we were there visiting. In between our sniffles he said that we would be in his prayers and that he loved US.

He didn't scream and yell and disown me! He said he loved US!

So there you have it. Everyone who needs to know/we want to know....knows.

***I sent my mom an email after we hung up saying that I hope someday that her and Dad would be able to accept the decision that we've made to start a family. Here's her exact reply(Minus M's real name)

"I certainly accept what you and M are doing about a family. This is all new to Dad, I'm sure he'll love the idea too when it all sinks in. I told him you were going to try again later. Life will sure be a lot fuller when this all comes about! I'm very happy. Nobody could love a baby any more than you. And I'm sure M too. Now clear your mind and go to bed and go to sleep. Love you so much. Mom"

That's that.


e. said...

i am so happy for you that they are so caring and seem to be excited.

eek said...

This is such wonderful news - we're so happy for you both that the journey will just be that much richer b/c of those that will be along for the ride.

Melissa said...

Yay! That's such great news. I'm sure both you and M are so happy to hear that you BOTH are loved!

Holly said...

That is so wonderful. It must be such a relief to you that this part is out there! And that your parents are so supportive.

We went through the telling the family and everything in the first pregnancy and letting it sink in with the family. It relieved all of the stress and pressure of having to freak out about it. When we got pregnant the second time, all of the hard family stuff was in the past and everyone was on board and excited. It is funny how things happen.

MaMaMia said...

That seems better than you could have even imagined! I'm so happy for you that now that this weight has been lifted off of you, you can just focus on making a baby!

amy said...

that was a really sweet response from your dad and mom. i don't know you or your family so i don't want to come across as judgemental but sometimes it's worth taking the leap of faith and trusting in the people who know us most that they will be supportive and loving despite their politics or religeous convictions or whatever. i'm sure his not knowing while you were together disappointed him but hopefully the idea that you're going to make him a grandpa one day will trump his current sadness?

K J and the kids said...

This is every gay persons dream
Your parents are AMAZING, loving, kind and accepting.
You are so lucky and blessed to have them along this journey with you.

tbean said...

Hooray!!! I'm so happy for you both!! Family really can suprise you, sometimes! The world is changing for the better, one person at a time! So great to be able to share your next try with them.

La said...

Wow! I pray too that the day we tell Ali's parents they will be just as open as your parents have. What a relief of stress that has been lifted.

Keri said...

Wonderful! Now you can just go ahead and get pregnant with nothing in the world to worry about!

I'm happy for you.

Rob said...

I'm glad everybody in your family knows, and hopefully no more lumps in the throats or nervousness, or sweating about whats in store.. I hope its all plus's from here on out and you two make great mommies.. I'm sure the little one will come with a smile, cause thats all you both will be doing when he/she arrives.. I'll try to keep in touch as much as I can.. and keep tabs.. :) R

Bobby said...

Wow; brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you both. Your mom and dad are good people!

sharon said...

Hi Kim! Just wanted to let you know Sandy and I are thinking of you 2. I don't know if you remember us from the cruise, but we met in the holding area before we got on the boat. We were one of the few without kids. Sorry to hear about your sad news, but happy to hear that your family is behind you. Hope you see you both (plus one) on a future cruise!

hotomiky said...

Wow.. thats a wonderful news!

Love it when family supports you!


Tiffany said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the post! It's great to see some other lesbian ladies in VA (though we may be in Canada in awhile if gay marriage does not get legal here in the next few yrs!) going through the whole TTC process!!

What a wonderful response from your folks...you are lucky. And, when you have a darling little baby, it will be that much more awesome for them and you and your partner. I will definitely follow your story. Good luck girls!

Mama said...

That's fantastic. You must feel so relieved and happy that you can share this with your family without worry or stress.

Krystle said...

Hi I just wanted to say I've been following your blog for some time (as a lurker) and thats awesome for you two! We are building up the courage as well to tell our folks about this adventure...its good to see such support is out there!

If you want, you can visit my blog over at wordpress, its sheslostcontrol.wordpress.com.

Gpawilli said...

Kim -

Thank you for taking the time to read my very long winded blog. I am new to it but enjoying it alot. Im also enjoying the construction of my website.

I found many old pictures (as you can tell). Thats the best part.. seeing how damn cute I once was... hahahahahaha

So you learn early on... I have a sense of humor, am a bit full of myself, especially in my opinions of the world and politics.

I see you were on the Rosie Cruise. Im jealous and can't wait to go on one myself. Im waiting for my 20 month old granddaughter to get a couple years older (at least potty trained) before I book my tickets.

I was fortunate, very fortunate, to meet Rosie at the Chicago Barbra Streisand concert.

She was just as REAL and kind as I had dreamed. She held my hand and had her arm around my brother the entire time we talked.

At one point in the conversation I told her that the two of us were brothers and were both gay and she said, "I KNOW." So I asked her, "You know we are brothers or that we are gay?" Of course her response was "That you're gay."
(If only my ex-wife had had such gaydar!)

Meeting her was a dream....

I look forward to reading more of your blog..... and I will be updating and adding to the website as soon as I can get the pictures of my old and dead computer....and adding to the blog as I am inspired....