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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nephew Update

Thankfully, my little hoodlum nephew is going to be ok. Like M said, he's made some mistakes. He's had a rough life and was tossed around here there and yonder as a young kid and has been in and out of jail too many times for me to count but that doesn't mean I love him any less. And again like M said I'm very close to my nephews. I do consider them more like brothers. They are only 5 and 7 years younger than me. My real bros are like 10 and 13 years OLDER than me. Anyhow...

D was a front seat passenger in a car with 3 other boys. All were drinking. The driver lost control and flipped the car. D was able to get out. The 2 in the back had to be cut out and the driver....well...he ran. He was later caught, treated and released from the hospital and arrested for all sorts of things to include DUI and being in this great country of ours illegally and he's only 18. D was taken to the local hospital and the 2 from the back seat were airlifted to another. Those boys, well I guess they are men, they're in their mid 20's, are still in critical condition with broken backs. OUCH! D has 2 fractured vertebrate in his neck, 2 broken ribs, a broken finger and a tube pumping blood from his lungs. BLAH! Thankfully the fractured vertebrate didn't do any damage to this spinal cord or he would really be screwed. His ribs will heal. He has a steel pin in his finger. And yesterday when I talked to mom she said they had pumped about a liter of blood from his lungs but it had slowed down significantly and they were hoping to have it removed today. He's still in ICU but only until another room is available.

He's one lucky kid. Well, a kid to me. He'll be 25 next month. His step dad told him that he's used up all of his 9 lives and he better be careful from now on. Lord, I hope this has knocked some sense into him. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.....as well as the other 2 thugs he was with.


Last but definitely not least....

AF is here and if everything goes according to plan we'll have a smiley face on the OPK mid next week and then...well...we all know what happens then. Swimmers will be swimming and hopefully things will be stickin'!

Wish us luck.....again. :o)


Merr said...

That is so scary about your nephew. I am glad he is okay and I hoped he learned his lesson.
Yay for AF! Good luck next week!

Bobby said...

Firstly, I am glad everyone is okay. Hope it was a wake up call, and they all should consider themselves VERY LUCKY. Uhg!

WISHING YOU LUCK!!! The the tail swishing beging to a new life, and a light in both of your lives!!!


Melissa said...

Glad your nephew is on the mend. He sounds like he is very lucky to be alive.

Good luck next week! I'm still waiting on AF myself. Never thought I'd be excited for her to get here. Here's hoping this is our month!

tbean said...

Luck and baby dust your way--I'll start it early so that you have a surplus by next week. Glad to hear your nephew is okay--he is so lucky to not have even more extensive injuries!

Chris said...

Glad to hear your nephew is doing better. I hope it scares him straight. I'm sorry it took something like that to start it.

I'm sending all the positive vibes I can spare out to you. We got CJ on the first try after our first miscarriage, so I'm hoping the same happens for you *hugs*

Dee said...

So sorry to hear about your nephew. I'm glad he's going to be ok. Good luck with next week! Sending good vibes your way!

K J and the kids said...

That is really scary. He is one lucky kid.

WOO HOO.....the song back in the saddle again comes to mind :)

Holly said...

Very happy that he is going to be okay. What a harsh lesson to learn. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to be alive!

Good luck with a positive OPK!

hotomiky said...

Wow... What a scary abt your nephew. We're glad that he's doing ok. Whew..

good luck on AF!

Gpawilli said...

Kim and M -

BEST OF LUCK with the swimmers...

Fingers crossed here for you

as well as for your newphew. God kids (or not so much kids) can get themselves in some of the worse situations - just for being YOUNG!

Thinking of both of you (and your newphew)