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Friday, July 27, 2007


YIPPEEE!!! We've been tagged by E & M. Everyone knows the rules but here they are again:

Let others know who tagged you. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag 8 other people and tell them they’ve been tagged.

1. I have 3 tattoos, all of which need touch ups but anyhow and have had a few piercings. I have a sun on the back on my neck, rainbow dancing people around my right ankle(my design) and 3 turtles on my lower back(partially my design). My belly button, both nipples and tongue were pierced but have all been out for quiet a while. I have the normal ear piercings along with my tragus. **What can I say? I went thru a phase.**

1a. I'm a huge turtle fan. There's not a room in the house that doesn't have something with a turtle on it. I've had 3 pet turtles(Myrtle, Shelly and Speedy). Ok now it gets weird. When Myrtle kicked the bucket, I froze her(in the freezer...sealed up really good) and took her to my dad on my next trip home. Dad cleaned her all up so that all that was left was the shell. He slapped a coat of varnish on the shell and its now sitting on our bookshelf at home. I know. I'm weird.

1b. I tried my best to keep the tounge piercing from my Dad, knowing he wouldn't like it. But my big mouth is hard to keep shut and he spotted it. His response to seeing it? "Only those lesbian people have thier tounges pierced". Priceless! (and this was WAY before I had any intentions on "coming out")

2. I sleep the best when I'm on my tummy with no pillow and I have to have the right side of the bed.

3. I LOVE Halloween and Christmas! I love decorating the house with witches, pumpkins, spider webs and all that stuff and getting dressed up to pass out candy. LOVE IT! And putting up the tree is just as fun. Well maybe not the putting up part but the looking at it once it's done part. ;o) M's mom downsized her Christmas tree last year so we got her HUGE one. LOVE IT! And I love to wrap presents. When I lived at home, mom would put my presents in boxes and tape them up real good and let me wrap them.

4. I'm a Diet Pepsi-aholic. I have to have at least one a day....a 20 oz. Diet Coke just doesn't do it for me. I was suffering Pepsi withdrawls the entire cruise...they only served Coke products. UGH! I spent $2 for a can of Pepsi at the pier when we returned!

4a. I don't like beer. I'm a fruity drink chick.(rum runner or bahama momma type stuff). Well I was, I can't remember the last time I had a drink. I was hooked on Smirnoff Ice for a while but just thinking of them now makes me wanna hurl. If I had to pick a favorite drink it would be a Kahlua and anything. LOL Kahlua and cream. White Russian. Black Russian. Whatever. Kahula just tastes good. :o)

4b. I don't like coffee but love the smell and most anything with a coffee taste...except an actual cup of coffee.

I'll leave the other 4 in hopes that M will have something to add this evening, if not, you'll just have to hear more about me. ;o)

I think we were the last ones in blogland to be tagged so we have no one to tag. If there's anyone out there who hasn't.....TAG, You're it!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the word of the day...tragus. I'll be sure to use it in a sentence sometime today. :)

I too was never a coffee fan (I still woulnd't label myself a coffee drinker)but I am a HUGE fan of non-fat vanilla lattes from Starbucks. YUM!

Merr said...

I want my tragus pierced!
Thanks for sharing some very interesting information!

K J and the kids said...

You had better learn how to sleep on your side and back sister.