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Friday, July 27, 2007

M's MeMe

M here....Kim is making me write these things. I think I am pretty hum drum so here goes....

I'm not interesting.....

1-I like to drink Jack Daniels on the rocks with a water chaser. No fruity drinks for me.

2-I like to be outside all the time and work in the hottest part of the day (run, mow the lawn) anything to be outside. This drives Kim nuts!

3-One time while doing surveillance with another officer, looking for a subject wanted in a shooting, while trying to get into position, I ran towards a tree to hide from an approaching vehicle. It turned out the tree was actually a big ass horse who was not appreciative of our company! It gets really dark in the country at night.

4-I like doing hard physical work and can't leave a job half done, once I start a project I need to get it completely done before I stop. This too drives Kim nuts!

5-Kim makes fun of me when my country fried twang comes out. (yet she is the one from KY)

6-Stupid people irritate the shit out of me! (I shy away from large crowds because of this)

7-I never sit with my back to the door (always with my back against a wall) where ever we go and have my eye on the door to see who is coming and going (this is the cop in me). I always have two avenues of escape, know my surroundings, and pay attention to who is around, what their hands are doing and if there are any bulges in the waist area (looking for firearms). I am anal like that. (but safe)

8-Kim is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. My life is so much better with her in it and I can't believe I ever made it this long without her!

Ok, so this was 8 things and not 4 but technically Kim did 8. ;o)


Dee said...

M - It's nice to get to know you! You should blog more often!!!

K J and the kids said...

If you didn't finish jobs....Kim would bitch about that too :)
I actually appreciate my wifes need to finish a project.

I like the escape route thing. I do it too. Must have some cop moves in me !
ha ha

Melissa said...

Hi M! Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

I love the MeMes from both of you! Very insightful!
You both sound like a lot of fun!
Wow M! Jack Daniels, huh!?!?!