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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waiting on a negative?

What a weird point in the TTC journey we are in right now. I never thought we would be looking forward to declining beta numbers but we are. BLAH

Things seem to be going downhill in a good way, I guess you could say. Last Monday our beta was 279. Yesterdays was 19. We're slowly getting there. Nurse W said to have another test next Monday and that should show the negative results we're waiting for.

Waiting on a negative. That just sounds messed up all the way around.

We're looking forward to September so we can be waiting on a positive.

M and I briefly discussed yesterday about whether or not to go natural again this next cycle or try a little something different. What do you all think? We got pregnant, as naturally as 2 women can but for some reason that we will never really know, it didn't last. Since we know that we CAN get pregnant we really don't wanna try a bunch of stuff. What about progesterone? I've just started reading about it and will def talk to the doc but we'll take any input yall have.

Is it September yet?


rae said...

i just read your blog and see that we just went through a similar experience. I'm so sorry.
I will write you privately...

K J and the kids said...

They say you are the most fertile the first 3 months after a miscarriage. I say try again...it worked the first time, you may get lucky twice.
After trying for 6 years and getting pregnant...only to miscarry at 11 1/2 weeks I got pregnant right away with Syd. I believe.

Chris said...

We're also waiting on the negative beta test - it's so frustrating.

While we're waiting, Susan got tested for insulin resistance. Turns out she has it and it's probably what caused our miscarriage and the blighted ovums. She'll start treatment for it soon, and we'll be going as au naturale as we can for the next one. We're totally sick of drugs and shots at this point.

Anyway, it's something worth checking into, especially since it's easy to detect and treat.

Keri said...

I say try it the new old fashioned way! It worked once - it'll work again.

My hopes are with you!

Marcy "meg" said...

I just found your blog from another person's and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I too am 32 and I am tired of the waiting! I have yet to become pregnant... but have had setback after setback in trying to get there. We have finally moved on to IVF and we will be trying soon. Good luck to you ladies and keep your chins up... September will be here before you know it!

Merr said...

I say just try itthe same way again unless your doctor thinks something might help. It worked on the first try, and it is bound to work again!

Kim said...

Thanks everyone. We say natural but I guess we'll just wait and decide after we talk to the doc.