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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm back to work today(after 18 days). I'm trying to get back into my routine.

Alot has happened since my last post Friday afternoon. Let me try to recap.

M and I decided that maybe getting out of the house and seeing a movie might do us some good. Well it DID! But first let me tell you what I had to do in order to prepare for such an outing. Since Mother Nature hadn't got off her butt yet I had to be prepared for anything. So I packed my little gay backpack that we got for free on the cruise with a change of undies, xtra pair of jean capris, a washcloth and a handful of pads and of course some whoppers and sugar babies for the movies. I wanted to be prepared for the worst. I started to bleed and cramp about an hour before we left but we were going on this movie date....we just had to. We used our free movie passes that we've had since our birthdays last year and headed in to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry(the FUNNIEST damn movie ever!) I made a few bathroom runs during the previews and prayed that I could make it thru the movie without having to leave. I managed to make it thru and we had the best time ever! I can't remember the last time we laughed so much. It was just what we needed. Laughter truly is the best medicine. O my word it was funny!! You've gotta see it! We laughed the entire way back to the house and for that short period of time everything was normal again...until we got home and ready for bed. Normal was then flushed with what we had been dreading and hoping for all at the same time. Mother Nature was finally on the job. Friday night never seemed to end. Saturday seems like a million years ago...I can't even remember what happened that day. Sunday was a lazy day. We slept most of the day away. Got up long enough to eat cereal and headed back to bed until around 2pm. It felt so good to finally sleep. We finally got up and decided to make something of the day. And what did we do you ask? We went to the movies again! It worked so well Friday night we thought why not try it again. This time we saw Evan Almighty. Again with free movie passes. :o) It did the trick. Funny but not near as funny as Chuck & Larry. Yesterday was doctor day. Let me just say the trip there and back was unlike any other. We were in NO hurry to get there and instead of being super early and waiting in the lobby like we normal had....we waited in the parking garage til the last possible minute. We talked with the nurse and doc and they were both happy to hear that Mother Nature had done her thing over the weekend and that a D&C would NOT be needed. Thank the Lord!! The doc confirmed with an ultrasound that all was ok and advised us that I would have to have beta tests done weekly until the numbers were negative. Yesterdays number were 279. The doc couldn't give us any reasons to why this happened to us other than it happens. Possibly something chromosomal? It's natural. They see it often. Well to me it's NOT natural. I NEVER want to see it again. And wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

With all that being said....

We're gonna give ourselves some time to heal and hopefully try again in September or October. We wanna be mommies...so mommies we WILL be! And like M pointed out to to me last night.....I've always said I wanted to be 33 when I gave birth(my mom, grandma and great grandma were all 33) and I would have only been 32 in Feb. :o)

Thanks again to all of you. You are TRULY part of our family.


e. said...

sounds like you are doing everything you need to be to take care of your selves during this very difficult time. glad to hear you will try again.

Merr said...

I am so glad to hear you guys trying to make the best out of the worst situation ever! I am glad you are not giving up on being mommies. It is a long hard road, with many ups and downs, but DEFINATELY worth every minute of it!

Dee said...

I'm so glad to hear from you again. I check your blog daily to see how you're doing. Hang in there. It will happen. Just like Merr said, it's a long, hard road, but so worth it in the end.

Holly said...

Very glad you got out to the movies, it sounds like it really helped.
I know it was a tough Friday night and Saturday - I will never forget that weekend for us.
Good to hear you are moving forward, it will happen for you! Sending hugs!

Chris said...

I'm very glad to see you back :o)

You have both been in my thoughts all week - I'm glad to hear things are looking up. I'm sending all the positive mojo I can spare for September and October.

The invitation is always open if you want to share stories.

hotomiky said...

We are so glad that you are not going to give up on being mommies.

We were thinking of you all! Hang in there :o)

Michelle said...

Can't tell you how glad we are to hear that you are not gonna give up - and it sounds like you guys are on the right path to healing. You will never forget, but you will be able to move on. We wish you both all the best and send you all of our love and good wishes.

Michelle & Dawn

SJayneI said...

So happy to hear that you are recovering. This TTC trip to motherhood is a long and treacherous one to say the least. Hang in there!!

Melissa said...

Glad to see a little glimmer of sparkle back in your posts. So happy to hear you'll be trying again, our first try is scheduled for September so we can maybe be there for each other.