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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Appt has been made

We've got an ultrasound scheduled for today at 3 pm. Not sure if M will be able to make it. It's her last day of work before vacation plus she's on call. There's always next time. But we're still hoping she can squeeze it in.

I'm doing much better this morning. Had no issues last night or this morning so far. I guess, I hope, I just over reacted. Guess we'll find out at 3.

And of course I'll post a pic if possible.
We're going on vacation tomorrow!!! WOOP! WOOP! We fly outta Richmond at 1030 am and should arrive in NYC around noon. We'll be NYC tourists for the evening and catch a ride on the big r Family boat with Rosie and crew Saturday afternoon. We're very much looking forward to meeting and hanging out with Hollie, Tonya, Mikaela and Kyron plus Michelle, Dawn, David and Ryan while on board.

We'll be thinking about yall! ;o)
I'll post more this afternoon after the docs visit.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear that all was well last night and this morning! Here is to a perfectly wonderful, perfectly normal ultrasound. Can't wait to meet/hang out with you guys 2.
Wish we could make it to CP to meet up 7/6 but I have to work (yuck!!) - but we will definitely be looking for you all on the boat.

K J and the kids said...

So happy that the appointment has been made. Now you can put your mind at ease for your trip. :)
Don't forget to ask your doctor about the patch. Is it safe ? You might get a little sea sick, especially preggers.

Merr said...

Oh wow I haven't been on the computer for a few days and had to catch up on what was happening! I am so sorry you have had this scare. I am sure everything is perfectly fine though, but keep us updated. Hey an early look at the baby will be nice!