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Thursday, July 5, 2007


is how we spell relief!

I got to see the heartbeat! How exciting! I cried. Duh! M wasn't able to make this visit but will def be there on July 16 for the next one. The doc said everything looked perfect. Pictured is the flower and yolk sac. The doc pointed out that the big black blob taking up the lower right is a fibroid. Said it was nothing at all to be concerned with. Said it was a like a "skin tag". I had her repeat several times that it was nothing to be concerned with. She also told me the egg came from my left ovary and showed a pic of that and I forgot what she called it but it was big....the way it was supposed to be and the right ovary was small the way it was supposed to be as well. So thankfully.....all is well.

Go ahead...say it...."I told you so"!

*Scanning the pic just didn't work, so I hope you can make out this pic. I had to take a pic of the pic. ERG!

Ok with that huge weight lifted off our shoulders.....we are ready for vacation. Bags are packed..minus our pjs, hair stuff and pillows and we'll add those in the morning.

Thanks for all your thoughts, we'll miss you and think of yall while we're gone!



Chris said...

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. Such a lovely sound to hear.

[I was checking my referrer logs and found you'd linked to me, so hi :o)]

hotomiky said...

We are so exciting! YES!!!! No we will not say - We told you so... We are glad that you had checked with your doctor to check to make sure...

It's so amazing how baby grow in your stomach (hush... I know its not stomach!) :o)

Will be seeing you REAL SOON!!!


K J and the kids said...

I was getting a little worried when you hadn't posted. DAMN IT !
I'm so glad that you were able to hear the heartbeat. :)
Have a GREAT time ! Think of all of us bloggers, sitting at home, not having ANY fun at ALL ! :)

e. said...

Phew! I am so glad you had the u/s and everything is okay...and now you can go and enjoy your vacation with out worrying one bit! have FUN!!!!!

hotomiky said...

Hollie here...am so glad to hear that everything is ok! I am soo anxious to meet you all and be on the SHIP!! I ended up wandering off in the dream land all day at work today (good thing it was a "quiet day" which was very unusual for our office)...Another day to wander off before reality comes!

See you all saturday! :)

tbean said...

YAY!!! I was checking and checking this afternoon. So wonderful--have an awesome trip!

Merr said...

Oh good! What a great experience to be able to hear the heartbeat so early!
Have tonz of un on your cruise!!

Holly said...

That is awesome!!!

Hey - hope you guys are having a wonderful trip! Your lives will be very different this time next year! LOL!