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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not so scared now

well maybe just a little bit but MUCH better than earlier. Thank you all for you info. Special thanks to you, M and Dr KJ, for suggesting the answering service. I had called there this morning in my moment of panic and when the answering service answered, I hung up. So I took your advice and called them a while ago. I didn't hang up this time. A very nice lady answered and took my info....said she would page the Dr ASAP and if I didn't hear back in 15 mins to call her again. My phone rang about 3 mins later. The on call dr, my doc is on vacation, was very nice. Asked all sorts of questions and said it was very common and for me to take it easy today and for some peace of mind to call in the morning to schedule an ultra sound. I told him about the cruise and he again said to call in the morning. So I will be on the phone in the morning at 0830 and will go in sometime tomorrow to make sure all is ok with the flower.

I'm feeling better already. And the 2.5 hour nap that M and I took when I got home plus the 2 burnt hot dogs I just had helped out too. ;o)

Now I'm off, slowly and carefully, to get my pedicure. Gotta have cute toes for the cruise!

Thanks again! You guys are the best!!


K J and the kids said...

If ANYTHING else...you get to see the baby before 20 weeks on ultrasound. It's always a good thing right ? (you had better post pictures)
I don't know how easy it will be to see a heartbeat, but I'm sure if your tech is good you will !
How fun !

hotomiky said...

We are so glad that you called!!! It will ease your mind a little! keep us in post :o)

Please do post a pic. :o)

How far are you now?