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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Dad

This time last month I didn't know if my dad would be around for Father's Day this year. WELL! He proved us wrong and here he is!
I'll spare you all the mushy stuff and just say I'm so thankful to have another Father's Day with my pops!
Let me explain the pic. Ok, that's my dad. Dad doesn't wear t-shirts. He's a year round, long sleeve, snap up, western shirt wearing guy. However I couldn't resist this shirt. Since he's been home from the hospital he's been spending alot of time sitting. Sitting in his chair with his glass of ice water either on the porch or under an apple tree in the back yard. So the shirt just fit. And life is def good with my pops around. :o) And you can see I did get him a new long sleeve shirt to wear to church today...seeing how its Father's Day and I thought he might want to dress up a little......but NOOOO....he says he's wearing his Life Is Good T-shirt because as he put it "Life is VERY good".
**Yes, that's a deer head on the wall behind him. But hey, it's Ky! My family are hunters. :o)


K J and the kids said...

What a great year to celebrate your dad.
Love the t-shirt :)

hotomiky said...

Your dad - seem to be a great guy :0)

Love that t-shirt. Life is Good!!