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Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Ready

Several posts ago I wrote that we had a few things on the "major things to do to the house before our baby arrives" list. 2 of those things involved painting....both bedrooms. Well, thanks to my lovely wife we can scratch 1 bedroom off the list. She/we painted our room yesterday. All that's left is the window and door trim. It looks so different. Our house is older and all the walls are the same....white. BLAH! Well, not anymore. We've got color! It's a light green, kind of a mint I guess. I can't remember the official color name. But either way it's great! It's amazing what a little color can do. I love to paint so it was hard not to be able to help out as much as I wanted but I did get to do some. M made sure I had my ugly little doctor mask fume thingy on and only allowed me in 20 minutes at a time then I had to take a fresh air break and couldn't lift anything heavy. :o) We'll start the other room this weekend. It will take a bit longer since we've got to do the ceiling as well. BLAH! But it sure will be beautimous when it's finished. :o) I think we've decided on a very pale yellow for the baby's room. I would love to do either pink or blue but there's no way I can wait to paint until we find out what we're having. So we'll do pale yellow and go from there.

We made our first trip to Babys R Us Saturday. That was fun! We didn't buy anything but we checked everything out about a dozen times. I think we've decided on a crib. We've still got lots of time and I'll post pics when we finally decide and make the purchase. We've had several friends offer up some of their baby supplies and we are gladly going to accept. We're not too proud...we'll take whatever we can get.

It's 97 degrees here today!! HOLY HOTNESS!! Thank goodness for AC!


Merr said...

I love painting too and we ended up painting a room when I was pregnant. I had to wear the hospital mask too. You need to post some pics of the finished products!

Holly said...

I love painting too!
BTW - I have a feeling that in the next several months, it will be harder and harder to walk into Babies R Us without buying a little "something" on each trip!!

hotomiky said...

holly - your right!! :o)

Cant wait to see the finished projects/products!

so exciting!!!

K J and the kids said...

Isn't it SO much fun to look.
Way to get the painting done already. Damn....you both have some SERIOUS nesting goings ons :)