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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April Fools Day!!

Nothing really new happening. I just couldn't resist saying April Fools!

  • Its April! I love April! April means springtime and flowers and I just love it! Not to mention both mine(the 8th) and M's(the 6th) birthdays along with about a dozen other people we know and 5 of those being ON my birthday. Love, love, love April! We'll be celebrating the 7th at....no not the Melting Pot...darn...but Outback. It was a toss up between Chilis (which we visit at least once a week), Nara (our favorite Japanese rest) or Outback. Outback won only cuz we eat at Chilis all the time and M likes to have all her food at once and Nara cooks one thing at a time.
  • My HSG is Wednesday! Woowhooo! Maybe woowhoo isn't the best word but I'm excited to get on with the test and get this process going. Thanks to all yall for your "comforting" descriptions. OUCH!
  • My dad goes tomorrow to find out when his BIG heart surgery is. He has to have part of his aorta replaced due to an aneurysm.
  • M's almost finished with her 3rd school. 1 more to go!
  • The few sprinkles we had last night caused the tulips in town to pop up all over the place. Beautiful!
  • I got new tennis shoes! Adidas with pink stripes! And finally talked M into some new, not so boy looking ones. HA! But don't worry...hers aren't pink. They're white New Balance with a little blue. M in pink? HA! Never!

I tried to warn you in saying nothing new was happening!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend! :o)

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eek said...

Hope the HSG goes well today, with little ouch!