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Thursday, April 5, 2007


Ok, so I survived the HSG yesterday. But let me just say again...OUCH! Thankfully it was over in no time but wow that was a bit painful! The dude who performed it told me it would feel like a bad cramp(how would he know?)...and that it would come on all of a sudden. He wasn't joking. I was fine one second and the next not so much. I shed a few tears and then it was over. I didn't have any pinching just some serious pains and very little bleeding. I watched on the screen as he injected the "stuff" and saw it flow thru the tubes and exit the left one but nothing on the right one. I got a bit worried but afterwards the doc showed me a different angle and explained that my right tube was hiding behind my uterus. He said that everything seems to look fine but would know for sure today. I sure hope it was just hiding.

So thankfully we got squeezed into an appointment for today at 1 pm. If not today then we would have to wait 2.5 weeks until M got back in town from classes.

I'm hoping we will get all of our questions answered today and find out when we can actually start inseminating.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to say this evening. Cross your fingers for us!


Erin said...

Good luck!

Merr said...

Oh man I hope I never have to do that!

Sara said...

Glad you survived - hope the news is all good!

eek said...

Will keep you both in our thoughts! Sorry for the pain, and I hope the news is good!