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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today is my "Day 3" test. (FSH, LH and Estradiol) My HSG is scheduled for next Wednesday at 1:30. Today will be fine, I can deal with needles. But next week? Umm...I'm not so sure. The whole spreading, poking, prodding and pinching thing has kinda given me an icky feeling. I'll survive, but certainly not looking forward to it. I guess I should be tho huh? This will make sure everything's open and ready to go. (I'll just keep telling myself that)


It's super nice here today. Almost 80!. I'm leaving work early for the test, maybe I'll get to enjoy some of the weather too. :o)


One of the ladies I work with just delivered her first baby on March 25, a bouncing baby boy. Congrats T.C.! Not that she reads this...but still...CONGRATS!


Merr said...

Well good luck and have a wonderful day with great weather. It is supose to freakin snow here. BLAH!!

Dee said...

Good luck with the tests!

Mommy & Mama & Cubs said...


Rae said...

how exciting to be in the midst of TTC your first baby. I loved reading your blog.......you look like an adorable couple.
Good luck!