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Sunday, March 25, 2007

HSG Question

I just found myself over at An Accident of Hope blog and stumbled on the post about her HSG. OUCHY!

Please tell me what to expect. PLEASE! I was tensing up just reading her post. Don't hold back. Tell me everything!


Sara said...

it certainly wasn't the most comfortable thing I've done in my life, but after about 8-10 seconds of pinching, it wasn't that bad. Definitely worth the good news at the end!

j said...

mine was kinda painful. you can read my tale here: http://littlestpea.com/?p=111

remember to take the ibuprophen!

K J and the kids said...

I've had 2. I got pregnant after the first one (lost to miscarriage) and was hoping for the same news after the second time around several years later when trying for my 2nd (3rd) child(ren) didn't happen the 2nd time around.
I have to say...it hurt me pretty bad. It's one of those things that you feel a lot of pinching and you want to pull away from it...you want it to stop...and they just keep doing it.
Once they get passed the cervix (quickly if you're lucky) and blow the balloon up....the pain turns to a dull pressure.
After it's over it's not bad at all. Very manageable.
Like J said, take ibuprofin.