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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Great and not-so-great

I'm back.


  1. My dad's doing great! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. They worked. Dad came thru the heart cath just fine and dandy and DID NOT need anymore stents. The doc said things didn't look any better than the last time (Oct 06) but also didn't look any worse. So they left things alone and put him back on a blood thinner. He didn't even have to stay overnight, which he was THRILLED about!
  2. My moms lost 25 pounds! (got about 100 to go, but shes doing GREAT!)
  3. The weather was great!
  4. The flowers along the interstate were beautiful (Daffodils everywhere)
  5. Fresh Kentucky air rocks!


I had a whole big story typed up about the not-so-great part and decided against it. Let me give you highlights.

  1. The Non Bro is a liar and a hypocrite
  2. We didn't speak one word to one another the entire time I was there(that could be on the GREAT list too :o) )
  3. I had 2 panic attacks while there thanks to him
  4. I had to walk out of the house, as to not say something I'd regret, after the non bro started talking about some sermon he's working on. I think I gasped out loud!
  5. He has no business being a preacher. God is Love and he's preaching hate

That's that.


It looks like I'm going to be able to get my Day 3 tests done this cycle after all. CD1 should have been Friday but due to all stress it didn't happen until today. So Tuesday I'll be taking care of that and will call tomorrow to schedule the HSG. Things are looking up again! :o)


Thanks again for all the positive vibes!

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