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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks everyone for your advice and input. We've decided on the non reported pregnancy donor. After some more research I was able to find out that this donor has only been available since Dec 06....not long enough to bless anyone with a child. Maybe we'll be the first. The other donor has been around since March 06.

We feel good about the decision. Now we just gotta get on the phone and place the order.


The Melting Pot was TERRIFIC! Love, love, love the place! I think I could easily be their new spokesperson. :o) But come on now. Who doesn't love cheese? And the dessert? Oh my word. The chocolate was to die for. YUMMO! We will definitely go again. For those of you that haven't gone....GO!


I'm heading to Ky, bright and early tomorrow morning for my dads hearth cath and stent procedure. It's going to be stressful weekend for all of us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

M has class, that she can't miss, so I'll be making the trip alone this time. I sure will miss that shoulder to lean on. I guess I'll be moms shadow and a shoulder for her.

This will be my first trip back home since my non brother and I had our words. Will be interesting to see how it goes. I have no intentions on speaking to him as I'm sure he feels the same, since I'm such an abomination to God and all. Erg! He makes me so mad I could just scream! ERG!

*Breathe Kim, Breathe*


I should get back to work now. I'll post again when I return from Ky.


Sara said...

good luck to your dad and your entire family throughout the procedures. hopefully the tension doesn't overtake the other things that are going on. safe travels-

Dee said...

Kim = Thank you for your comments on my blog and keeping us in your prayers. We'll take every last prayer we can get right now.

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything goes great with your Dad's procedure. Keep us posted!