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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Well actually it's a dog. Mundy Dog to be exact. I rescued the cutest little jack russell just a month before M and I met and we've turned into quite the little family since then.

(Yes, she was adopted on a Monday...hence the name. :o) But don't worry we've already chosen Hunter or Abigail so we wont have any other days of the week running around. HA!)

Anyhow, Mundy sleeps in our room, on her Mundy bed, in the floor, on Ms side. Well, shes supposed to be in her bed but Mommy M lets her sneak on our bed occasionally. I protest because she sheds but I wont get started on that.

Mundys hiding spot during thunderstorms is under our bed. Thunder hits and Mundy hides. Nothing strange about that. Most dogs don't do thunder. But Mundy now has another issue. Another reason to either slither under the bed or to glue herself to you as you walk around the house.

You ready for this?

It's the thermometer. Our basal thermometer. I guess it's the beep, maybe. But every morning, like clockwork, she's under the bed and then under my feet. You ladies know, the beep isn't that loud but I guess to a dog, or atleast Mundy, it's piercing. I've tried to muffle the initial beep under my pillow but the beep, beep, beep part cant be helped. She hears that and under the bed she goes and as soon as my feet hit the floor, enroute to the bathroom, shes there.

Poor little scaredy cat Mundy Dog.

I guess I wont be the only one glad when I can toss the thermometer.

On a different note...

It's SNOWING!! Well, little itty bitty flakes but I'll take it. I love snow and we haven't had squat this year.

And just one more thing.

M graduates the fire academy tomorrow! Whoop Whoop!!!

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Spears said...

i now have an account. silly mundy. that dog is a bit wierd...tehe..just kidding!...i would have done the same thing.