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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Prenatal Vitamins

I've got yet another question.

Were you given a prescription or did you just purchase an over the counter vitamin? Is there a better brand to purchase?

I'm sure I'll find all this out at our appt in March but I'd like to get a head start on some stuff.

You know me....I like to be prepared. :o)



K J and the kids said...

I can suggest a great prenate.
You have to order it through their website though. http://www.biotegrity.com/promisestages/comparison_chart.htm
It's a company called Biotegrity. The prenates are called promise stages. The reason I suggest them is they have 3 different stages, as you need certain levels of different vitamins through the 3 trimesters. Because they have them calculated for you, I was less sick using these.

You can really use anything over the counter. You will probably get TONS of samples at your first appointment.
I suggest you start taking prenates now.
P.S. Take them at night. Trust me.

Dee said...

Agreed with Karen. Taking them at night, especially after getting pregnant, made a huge difference with Shelly.

We've always had a prescription. That way our insurance pays for it. The doctor has Shelly taking the Citracal with a DHA supplement. She is adamant that you must also have a DHA supplement.

Melissa said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog. Congrats to your partner on graduating the fire academy (impressive!) and good luck with the upcoming baby adventure. Happy to lend any advice if you need it. Just give a holler. As for the prenatals, I started before conceiving with the brand (Natalcare, I think) prescribed by my doctor with a slightly higher amount of folic acid than the supermarket brands.

Holly said...

agree with the girls re: start taking them now.
we found that given Lois' reaction to the prescription and other prenatals (nausea and heartburn), we had success with the over-the-counter generic Target brand prenatals. The prescriptions had too much iron for her body or something.
And, yes, which ever you decide to take, taken them at night!