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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Temperature/Salad Dressing

M so doesn't want me to post this but I just can't resist. Everyone likes a good laugh. :o) (Sorry M, you know I love you)

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, we bought our first baby item. A basal thermometer. I'm trying to get my stuff together and have some sort of charting done before our appt in March. So anyhow. The alarm goes off at 6 am yesterday morning and in goes the thermometer. It does its thing, beeps and I record it on the bedroom wall calender as I walk out the door towards the bathroom. M and I shower and while doing our hair she glances towards the calender and then asks me......

Ok I just thought this was soo funny....

She asks...."So? What was your BALSAMIC temperature today"?

I couldn't help but laugh. It WAS funny. I explained it wasn't balsamic but basal.

That conversation ended quickly but not before I said...."You know I'm gonna put that on the blog"!

***M has been really busy the past few months with the fire academy (which she graduates from next Friday. I'm SO proud of her!) so she doesn't have as much "baby making reading time" as I do. :o)


Wendy & Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

We'll be rooting for you as you begin this great journey!


Merr said...

That is funny!

Anonymous said...

What Kim also failed to mention is where I thought the thermomenter went in order to get her Basal temp reading. What can I say, I've been very busy. Love you babe.

Dee said...

Soooo funny! Thanks for sharing!!!