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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good luck, bad luck, and signs.

Not too much happening with M & I the past few days. We're just trying to be patient and wait for March 12 to roll around.

While shopping at Target this weekend I asked M to make a detour with me thru the baby department. I didn't want to buy anything...just look. Her reply was "No. That's bad luck". After some sweet talking and agreeing to go thru the departments she wanted to, we made a quick pass by the strollers and car seats and play pens and all the lil cutesy pink and blue outfits. AHHH! I got my fix. I tell M..."See. That wasn't so bad". I think I heard a grunt or mumble of some kind come from her. :o)

We get to the check out line where in front of us is a mom and her daughter. The daughter is messing around doing something and mom calls her my name. "Abigail........" she says. Ok. Now M & I are looking at each other smiling. I tell her "Its a sign!" To which I think I hear another grunt. :o)

And if that isn't enough, while leaving the parking lot, we hear a "Jones Institute" commercial. Which is where we're having our first drs appt.

And I don't even have to mention all the babies we saw thru out the day.

So needless to say we couldn't handle anymore "signs", so home was our next stop. :o)

Oh wait! I did buy something.

A little pink something.

Our first baby item.

A basal thermometer. Te He!

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Wendy & Karen said...

Wendy and I obviously don't believe in anything being "bad luck" as we went against traditional practice and told everyone we were pregnant within 5 minutes of Wendy getting a positive pregnancy test result! But, I will tell you that once you get on the baby path, the *signs* are absolutely everywhere! I can't go anywhere without seeing tons of moms and kids that somehow I didn't see before. They're everywhere! And, it just seems to affirm that we're on the right path. Pretty cool!

I can't wait to follow your journey!

- Karen