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Monday, January 15, 2007

I've got a comment!

Someone actually read my lonely lil post! Yeah! Thanks Holly! (we wont tell anyone that I had to send you a post to read mine. That'll be our lil secret) :o)

I know you're probably thinking...."mommies in the making"... how cute...but they've got names picked out even before their first docs appt?! Yes we do. Well I do and M had agreed to them. I've loved these names for so long and now I'll finally get to use them. Or hopefully atleast one of them. We're still working on the middle names and how to do the last name but we've got LOTS of time to think that over. (Even tho I check baby names online everyday)

I've got so much stuff running around in my head about this whole TTC process. I want to get it all out and on paper but it seems to be coming out in all different orders. I'd like to keep stuff in some sort of order. But I guess a blog is a place to just say what you have to say when you feel like saying it. So readers hold on! You could get dizzy!

Having not been to our first appt yet I've done lots of research and such online. I'm hoping the doc will have the same info for us plus lots more. M & I have narrowed down a couple things so far:

1. We're not up to doing it ourselves so IUI it is.
2. We want an open donor...identity to be released when Abby or Hunter turn 18.
3. We would like some features similar to M's (light brown hair, blue eyes)
4. We found a bank (2 hours from us..saves $$ on shipping)

**I just got an alert that someone else commented! Thanks Sarah and BB...I've got friends!**

I'm so excited about this all...I can hardly stand it! Can you tell? It's all so overwhelming. I think I'm most concerned about tracking my cycles and stuff. I want to get it right. Guess I should print out some charts and start trying to make head or tails of it huh? I've already learned so much in just the short time I've been researching online. Who knew all this stuff about ovulation? I didn't. I mean yeah I'm a girl and I learned about it in school and stuff but until now..when I'm trying to actually make a baby does it come into my thoughts. Who knew that icky white gooey stuff each month meant something? Something so important. I didn't. Who knew about basal body temperature? Who knew about LH? Again I say, I didn't.

I've got so much to learn.


Jennifer said...

Good luck. There is a lot to learn but you sound like you're definitely on the right track.

Shana said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and best of luck on your journey!

J said...

welcome! I hope you guys enjoy the ride!

Momai said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of TTC. Have fun, try not to go mad, and feel free to reach out to any of us if you need anything!

Merr said...

Hi I'm glad to find your blog. Good luck in TTC. I look forward to reading about your journey.

Dee said...

There is a great book on fertility, "Take Charge of Your Fertility". This really helped us, even though we ended up doing IVF. We also really like "Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth" by Kim Toevs and Stephanie Brill. That was our favorite out of the lesbian pregnancy books. Good luck! I'll check back often for updates.

Chass said...

Oh my goodness I sound much like you. We already have his name picked out.

My every free moment is reading and researching about this process. Tomorrow is our first doctor's visit, I hope she's prepared for all of my questions.

I just wanted to stop by and wish you guys luck.