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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cruising right along....

Or at least come July we will be. It's official! I made our cruise reservations this morning. M & I will set sail on July 7 upon the Norwegian Dawn with Rosie and Kelli to the pink sand beaches of Bermuda. Woowhooo! Which am I more excited about? A "family" cruise with M and others "just like us"? Pink sand beaches? Being away from work for a whole week? 24 hour food? Or all the above... knowing I'll be sharing the same boat at the same time with the funniest woman ever?! I just love Rosie O'Donnell!

Let me confess right now. I think I'm addicted to her blog. It's 1 of the top 3 sites I visit daily. :o) I'm still waiting for a reply post from her. Maybe one day I'll get lucky. I'm so pathetic.

Now back to this cruise. We'll be flying to NYC July 6 and spending 1 night in the Big Apple. Departing the next morning for an 8 day adventure to Bermuda and back. Well I hope back....unless something freaky happens in the Bermuda Triangle. ;o) We even get 2 days at a private beach somewhere along the way. Did I mention the pink sand beaches and 24 hour food? OH MY! I've vowed to take the stairs instead of the elevators while on board. Gotta work off all the food somehow.

This will be mine and M's third big trip since we've been together. We spent a week in Alaska in late Nov '04. Cold. Beautiful. Cold. Saw moose and caribou..in the wild..awesome. Visited the North Pole. Well not THE North Pole, but North Pole Alaska. That made for a good postmark on Christmas cards. :o) Took a dip in a hot springs. Outside air temp was 15 degrees but the water was 110! What an experience. Our towels had ice crystals on them. Drove thru part of the Denali and even went snowmobiling.

Then we switched gears and spent a week in Hawaii Dec '05. Only this trip included M's parents, my mom and my aunt. A week on an island with your parents and "in-laws" is a trip all its own! You name it...we did it. Luau, dinner cruise, 4 wheeling, shark cage, snorkeling, site seeing, visited Pearl Harbor (on Pearl Harbor Day...very moving), climbed Diamond Head and to finish it all up M and I went skydiving! Loved, loved, loved Hawaii!

As much as I love to travel, I'm hoping this cruise will be our last big trip for a while. It's now time for Kim and M's baby adventures.

Who knows? Maybe it'll be morning sickness/sea sickness come July.

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Merr said...

You guys are so lucky. We want to go on a Rosie cruise so bad. We have been on a regular cruise, which was absolutely marvelous, but a gay cruise would be even better. We are hoping to go one day when we have all our kids and they are much older to enjoy it. I am so jealous!