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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little about me....

....and my excitement of attempting to become a mommy.

Whew! Got the first sentence out lets see if I can keep this up. I guess first I'll do some introductions. I'm a 31 year old woman living in Virginia with my 34 year old partner M ( I don't like that word..partner), wife (well not according to the law)..oh heck...let's just say The Love of My Life. We share a house together with our jack russell daughter, Mundy. M & I have been together since March of '04. Well that's when we first met and I fell in love with her....it look her a few months to realize I was the one for her. :o) We committed ourselves to each other December 26, 2004.

I'll bore you with more details of us later on.

M & I briefly mentioned the idea of having children to one another a while back and then never brought it back up again 'til a month or so ago. And what a month this has been! When I get something in my head that I want...its all I think about. I've already purchased and read The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians by Rachel Pepper and have Considering Parenthood by Cheri Pies and The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide by Arlene Lev on the way. I like to be prepared. I'm definitely a planner. M would say I'm a bit anal when it comes to planning. But hey! No one likes to be caught off guard. A little info under the belt never hurt anyone. Right?

I'll try to wrap this post up soon. Don't wanna send you off to nap time with my first post. Just a tad bit more.

M & I have checked into a couple banks online and found one rather close to us. About a 2 hour drive. We've also checked some of the donors online and found a couple that suits us. I'll be carrying the baby so we want someone with her blue eyes and light brown hair so we can kinda get a mixture of the both of us.

My OB doesn't do insemination's but referred us to someone who does. And yep..you guessed it...I've already scheduled an appointment for a consultation I guess you'd call it. But I have to call them Tuesday and reschedule. M is in the fire academy and wont be able to make that appointment date. I'll keep yall posted.

Ok...let me stop now. I'll try to be a good blogger and keep yall in our loop.

Until next time....which I'm sure will be tomorrow....SMILE!

**oh I hope someone reads this and responds**


Holly said...

welcome to blog world!
I will send you an email as well for any questions.
I highly recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It's great to help you get a head start on your timing, etc.
Feel free to ask lots of questions! This may be a roller coaster ride, but the rewards at the end are all worth it!
Good Luck!!!

Sarah and BB said...

Welcome to the blog world and welcome to the world of TTC!

And just like Holly said, if you have questions, post them. But most importantly, it's ALL worth it!

I look forward to reading more.

Emily said...

HI...welcome to blogging. I don't have a blog..I am a lurker...but I look forward to following your journey! BEST OF LUCK

marta said...

i followed a link from holly's blog.

i read that you live in virginia and are using a nearby bank. i just wanted to give you a heads up in case you're using fairfax. estelle from faggots on the 3rd floor has had a REALLY bad experience with them.


here's a link to one of her posts about this, and you can search her blog for many more.

anyway, welcome to this rollercoaster. i hope your ride is a short one with a happy ending.

Married Lesbian Mom said...

Welcome! And as everyone from above has said, it is a crazy ride, but all worth it. Good luck to you!!