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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today is my only day off this week. My shopping is now complete. I made a trip to the mall and a few other stores. It wasn't as crowded as I had expected. I still gotta hit the grocery for a turkey and all the stuff that goes with that. M's mom isn't doing a turkey dinner for Christmas so I thought I'd fix us one so we could have some leftovers for a few days. Gotta love turkey dinner leftovers. Yum!

Guess what Mr. Mailman brought us yesterday. It wasn't the Christmas return labels that we ordered a month ago but instead baby wipes. Ugh. A free sample of baby wipes. I guess it's from some of the online stuff I signed up for months ago. I just stuck it in an empty dresser drawer in the old nursery.

I guess I'm really losing it. I bought baby clothes today. Not for a friend but for us. Am I being hopeful or do I need help? It was a little fire truck onesie thing and it was only 2 bucks. I put it in the cart. I paid for it. I brought it home. I put it in the old nursery closet. I shut the door. I'm only just now crying about it. Ugh again.

I framed our 3 ultrasound pics today.


There was a police officer shot yesterday morning from M's department. I saw it on the news as I was walking out of the house for work. I had to wake M up to tell her. Not a good thing to have to wake up to. The officer was on foot patrol and happened upon 2 guys fighting behind a church. One of the a&&holes shot him. The officer fired back but they got away. His vest saved his life. Come on. You don't shoot people. And you most certainly don't shoot a cop. Needless to say there's a serious manhunt going on. M was at work from 8 am to 1130 pm last night and said she'd be late tonight. They'll find them. I have no doubt.

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the D&C. I wonder how long til AF shows up?

Our January 2 consultation appointment has been changed to January 9. Ugh. Another week longer.

The kitchen is calling my name. I think I'll bake some cookies. :o)


K J and the kids said...

That is EXTREMELY scary. I certainly hope someone else catches them. If they will shoot a cop there's no telling what they will do.
I do hope and pray that M is safe through out the search.

Hoping AF gives you an early Christmas present :)

Liz1971 said...

i'm glad YOUR shopping is complete! good for you!

you aren't losing it... i think you are just being hopeful which is good.

i hope they catch those a*&holes. scarrrrrry!

january 9th will be here before you know it! :)

lastly, i'm glad you were kind enough to share your cookies today! ;)

chroniclesofconception.wordpress.com said...

You're not losing it. It is SO important to not give up. You need to have things like that to look at....you need to SEE it. You will have a little one in that one day!! Have faith hun!!

Great that you have the shopping done!!! I'm ALMOST there.

I hope they catch them SOON.

Mom G said...

oh my...scary. Be safe M.

hope dear one. light & hope ..slowly softly gently return...
Blessings comfort & love to you..

Sara said...

Cookies sound like the way to go. I don't think you are losing it; mixing hope and grief is a healthy thing.

I'm sorry that M is working so much, but I'm glad she's safe!

Rob said...

Keep your head up, you're pretty good at doing it. I'm feel for you and in the end the bad guy gets his. ;) you know that. It's been a while since I been online, sorry to see some of the troubles you are having :( Just remember ..life is just..what you make of it..the impossible includes the word im_possible of doing what I want. corny i know ;) R

Marcy "meg" said...

My shopping is NOT complete... that has to feel good to have yours done!

I think it is a good step you bought the baby item.

Merr said...

I think it's okay to buy baby stuff. You will have a baby one day!
I don't know how you do it, having a cop for a wife! I always said I never wanted to date a cop because it's too scary for me.

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I am sorry for your loss.

msfitzita said...

I'm so very, very sorry for you losses. You're so right - they do change you. I will never forget the little souls who have tiptoed in and out of my life.

I'm glad my Mom's cookies helped a little bit - I'll have to tell her how many people have enjoyed the recipe! Because yeah, sometimes a cookie is just about the only thing that helps ;)

MB said...

hang in there...