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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We've been released

Doctor O has released us to see our own OB-GYN. BIG step! Woowhooo!

We have 2 OB groups in town. One of which is run by "family". I made the call to the "family" doc yesterday morning with crossed fingers. I was just sure they would say they weren't accepting any new patients or that they didn't accept my insurance but I was wrong. We have our first official OB appointment next Wednesday at 1:15. On Halloween! Yippee!

I'm feeling ok. Well, actually I feel pretty crappy but I guess that's good. I haven't puked but I feel like I could at any minute all day long. I'm really tired and hungry all the time. The last couple of days I've been feeling some stretching and pulling down in the flower pot area and my lower back hurts a bit. I'm having a hard time sleeping. I think that's mostly because I'm up every 2 cotton pickin' hours to go pee! My 2 favorite pair of jeans are now IMPOSSIBLE to get into. I've already boxed them up and put them away. I've bought 2 new pair of khakis for work and 2 new jeans already. Holy moly! I think I'm gonna be HUGE fast. NOT complaining. But WOW! Mom called me a butterball in an email today. Thanks mom! I had M take a side view pic last night so we can start comparing. She says my boobs are definitely growing. Great! Just great! I'm on a potato kick right now. Day before yesterday I had fries, chips and augratin potatoes. YUM! And I'm also hooked on ranch dip with chips of course. ;o)

I think that's about it for now. We're just still trying to let all this sink in and looking forward to next Wednesday.

Anyone know of any good twins books I should check out?


Melissa said...

I've heard that "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy" is a good one!

Glad to hear you and the tiny blossoms are doing well.

Sara said...

Congrats on the graduation!! hope you feel better soon!

Merr said...

This is just all so exciting! You need to change your ticker so it has 2 babies now!

Kim said...

I thought of that Merr. I like the one with the 2 floaty babies but I really like the flower one. Maybe Ill have 2! LOL

tbean said...

Wow--I think I'm still in shock about the twins! So exciting!! Glad that things are progressing so well so far.

shortmama910 said...

Kim, so happy for you and M and the 2 flowers!!!!!!!!I am so excited to see you and them"grow"...You gotta post those ide belly shots!!!!!!!

Remember stay away from seafood!!!!!High mercury not good for pregnancy!!!!!!!!Trust me...it put me in the hospital with Abigail's pregnancy!!!!

So happy to see an update and that things are going well!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to say I've been lurking on your blog for a long time and I'm just so happy for you and for M. Your joyful spirit comes across and makes it so hopeful for other people. My partner and I are going to start trying soon ... I'm inspired by you.

ladylennon1964 said...

You should join the what to expect when expecting web page www.whattoexpect.com
They have a forum just for mothers expecting twins!

Keri said...

I just love that you said "cotton pickin'" - very cute.
Start posting those pictures so we can start seeing these babies of yours! :)

K J and the kids said...

THE BEST BOOK EVER....When You're expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads..by Dr. Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein.
Eat girl. OMG I remember being SOOO hungry I felt like I couldn't eat enough. HOW fun.
Hope this pregnancy goes as smoothly and easily as the conception.

Mom G said...

Yesss, to the family OB!!!
may you and your flowers grow quickly-that is good news. Hungry, good, pee, good, potatoes, good... all good.
prayers and light,
(Mom G)

hotomiky said...

OH that is a big step! Looking forward to having more steps to go! :o)