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Monday, October 29, 2007

Growing pains?

The last several days have been up and down.

In a previous post I said how I had been feeling like crap. Well, I take that all back. I didn't know what crap felt like until Thursday. While at work, it hit me all at once. I suddenly got weak, shaky, my heart was racing and felt like I wanted to pass out, puke and well how should I put this...go #2 all at the same time. NOT a good feeling. I thought maybe I was weak because I hadn't eaten but I had. I thought maybe I was going to puke/#2 due to eating something that didn't like me but that wasn't the case. Morning sickness? I don't know but whew! It felt awful! I was better a couple hours later. It's happened a couple times since then.

Thursdays crappy feeling was also accompanied by some new feelings in the flower pot area. This of course led me to freak out AGAIN. I know. I know. Some of you are saying this is natural. That I'm supposed to feel some growing and stretching. But hey! I've never been this pregnant! I have NO clue what I'm supposed to be feeling. Needless to say I cried alot Thursday evening and then reminded myself even IF something were wrong I couldn't change it. BUT nothings wrong or will be wrong!

I just decided it was growing pains.

These flowers of ours sure like fries and chicken nuggets. It's them. Not me. Honest.

Don't you just love friends? Especially friends with small children who are ready to get rid of some baby stuff? A co-worker of mine blessed us yesterday with a crib(that makes 2 from friends), a car seat with 2 bases, a walker, a jumpy thing, a pack & play and 2 bags of stuff including little boys clothes that are just too cute! This same friend also has a sister in law who is having a girl in December and she's gonna pass her stuff onto us too. I wonder which clothes we'll get to use? The pink ones or the blue ones?

YAY for friends!

2 more days 'til our first OB appointment!

Please let it be growing pains!


Michelle said...

Hey Mama(s) -
It is all gonna be just fine - even with 1 bun in the oven there is stretching and cramping and all kinds of uncomfortable reconstruction going on - you got 2 to make room for - hold on tight it'll be rough for a little bit but it'll get better and in the end it is all worthwhile. BTW when u get a chance, e-mail an address we can send something 2 - we have something for you guys. Good luck at your next appointment and hang in there.

Lots and Lots of Luv for the 4 of u from the 4 of us.

Michelle and Dawn

Keri said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so yucky. I'm sure it's just your poor little body getting used to those new intruders. :)
Can't wait to hear more! Keep the fries and nuggets! (maybe that's what you can nickname the babies!)

Marcy "meg" said...

Maybe you will get to use BOTH sets of clothes :)

Sorry you are feeling yucky... but you have double the hormones flowing around there.

Hang in there!

Melissa said...

I hope the OB appointment helps ease your worries. I'm sure stressing out on top of morning sickness isn't helping your body out any. Take a deep breathe, grab the nuggets, fries and M and have a quiet night home in front of the TV.

I know your babies are blossoming beautifully.

Holly said...

I'm sure it is growing pains. And with twins, you will have more. LOL!! Sorry.

Also - friends with hand-me-downs are WONDERFUL! Take advantage. Trust me! You'll pass the favor along when you're ready to get rid of stuff.

Merr said...

Definately growing pains! Your uterus is stretchingand expanding making room for those babies, so it feels crampy. Relax and get lots of rest!

tbean said...

Well--I'm sorry to hear about the feeling crappy, but can't help but think of the silver lining that it is a sign your body is growing you some healthy babies. That's so funny that they like fries and chicken nuggets--some of my favs too!! I hope my future fetus feels the same way. :) And great news about the free stuff!

ohchicken said...

i am so sure it's just growing pains. i get the menstrual cramp feelings almost every day, especially after i pee. i'm always afraid, and it's always nothing. my dr has told me twice now not to worry, that it's normal. normalnormalnormal. my mantra.

sparky likes potato chips, broccoli cheese soup, and quizno's italian subs (definitely toasted to safety temp). i was really hoping to crave healthy things.

so sorry to hear about the overwhelming morning sickness. i've had moments like that too, and am so grateful when they pass.