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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take 2 p.s.

Thanks everyone for playing along with me and my numbers obsession. I know you all gotta think I'm crazy...M certainly does. ;o) But hey, it helps me pass the time and you never know there really might be something behind it. Probably not...but whatever.

I remembered another 11 thing that happened yesterday so you know I gotta share it with you. After we talked to the nurse about the progesterone she went on to confirm all my personal info. You know...name, date of birth, what attempt this was and what cycle day, etc. When she got to the cycle day questions she said "This is cycle day 11 right?" Again I couldn't help but look at M and laugh. I informed her it was CD17 and we went on with more questions.

I gotta give a shout out to my wonderful wife and how great she is to put up with all my craziness. Let me tell you what she did yesterday. Ok, so I told you about the car with the ADD47 license plate and you've all seen the pics but what you don't know is what we, well what M had to go thru to get those pics. I was the passenger yesterday on the way home. (It's kinda hard to drive with your legs crossed)

Anyhow, after noticing the license plate of the car infront of us, I scrambled to get the camera out and get it a pic. I was only able to get one pic and that only got the top half of the plate. I knew I was gonna post it on there so I wanted to get a good one. Just as I started to try and get a better pic the car turned into a bank parking lot. I freaked and told M that we had to turn around, that I had to get that pic. Easier said than done. We had to turn left at the next light, go over the railroad tracks, down 3 blocks before we could turn left and again and make our way back to the main street, then turn right, then try and remember what lot the car had turned into. We found the lot but not the car! We did a u-turn in that lot, got back on the road and turned into the next lot, passed a few parked cars and BINGO! There it was! Whew! I passed the camera to M and she got the shot.

Thanks M for driving all over creation just to track down a car so I could have a pic of their license plate!

Wow! I really do sound crazy!

BTW - Jen, you know I had to go and count the safefy pins as soon as I read your comment. There were 12! LOL

And thanks Tiffany and Melissa for the extra 11's. :o)


Michelle said...

LOL - you guys are sooo funny and so inspiring with how much you love eachother and how much you want to have a baby together. You guys totally rock! We are holding our collective breath for you and crossing all the fingers and toes in our house!

Anonymous said...

My live number is 11 - and ever so often I check the clock and it is 11:11 - connections amazing sometimes...

Blessings towards the future... yeah!

Be safe and well... Palestar