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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

IUI - Take 2

We did it. The swimmers are swimming and we are just waiting and praying for a hook up, some dividing, burrowing, sticking and growing to take place.

Here's how the day started and went down.

I worked this morning from 0700-830. Got my 10 year service award (dumb pin and $100 check!) and then hit the road with M for the doctors office.

We spoke with the nurse before things got started. We had some questions about progesterone since we didn't use it last time. She gave us the scoop and we decided we would give it shot this time. So I'll be starting that Thursday night and will continue for the next 2 weeks. If we get a BFP, I will be continuing that for approx 8 weeks. Here's hoping it helps. It certainly can't hurt anything and we need all the insurance we can get.

The doc explained how things were going to go and M made small talk with him. She asked if he was having a good day. He gave the correct answer of "Yes. Having a great day." Good thing or M was gonna ask from someone else. ;o) Before the doc got started he advised us that we could go back to normal life after this but not to do anything like go to Busch Gardens or bungee jumping. I looked at M and we laughed and told the doc we took care of Busch Gardens last weekend. Funny.

I got into position and the swimmers were sent swimming. Piece of cake. I was instructed to lay there for the for the next 20 minutes (until the timer went off). I did just that....with legs crossed....didn't want anything escaping. ;o) M and I held hands and talked. We again bribed this child with puppies, trips, pizza, ice cream, etc. :o) The timer dinged, I got dressed and we left smiling ear to ear.
We had lunch. Napped for 3 hours. Got the script from the pharmacy. Ate dinner and here we are.
Ok, now for my numbers OCD. Remember yesterday when I said 11 was going to be our new lucky number? Well check this out.
  1. M informed me that 9-11(todays date) adds up to 11 (9+1+1)
  2. Our appt was at 11
  3. Cab #11 passed us as we made a turn for the docs office
  4. I was adding up numbers on license plates that equals 11
  5. M was making fun of me and yelled out 38 as we passed 38th St. I quickly said that 3+8=11
  6. As we waited for the timer to ding, I asked M what time it was. She said 1138. 3+8=11
  7. We noticed a haz-mat placard on the building as we left with the numbers 3, 4 and 4 which total 11
  8. Ok, here's the kicker. We were behind a car with a license plate of ADD 47! 4+7=11 And it was from the Perry dealership. I'm a Perry!
  9. At a stop light I noticed a bridge height sign that read 14'-3". 14-3=11
  10. During lunch someone asked the time and a lady answered "It's 1:11"
  11. And what do you know!? That's all I got and we are on number 11!

I decided to take a good luck goodie bag with us this time. It included a leaf from a plant(a purple wondering jew) from the nursery, our lucky pig, ultra sound pic from flower #1, a pic of my mom and I when I was 6 weeks old and pic from our friend Bobby.

Bring on the TWW!


tbean said...

Second time's a charm!

Keri said...

Okay, I have tears running down my face for you right now! This is the sweetest post I've read in some time and I am hoping with every last drop that all these 11's are the real deal!

You both deserve every lucky number!!

Bobby said...




tiffany said...

wow.....that's crazy about all those eleven's!!!!!!!!!!!!! how strange!!! i loved the pics!

hope the TWW goes by quickly for you guys. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. holy crap, it's 11:00pm here in Richmond. (for yall too!)

Melissa said...

I thought of you this morning when I was taking my temperature...it was 97.11!

Hope the TWW goes by quickly for you.

eek said...

Fingers crossed!h

Gpawilli said...

Kim and Me -

Can't wait to hear the next Chapter in this story....

I have a good feeling.


hotomiky said...

Love it - Love how you took the pictures.. and even the number 11!

Sending the baby dust!

grow baby grow!! and stick to it!

Jen said...

That is trippy with the elevens. It's GOT to be good luck! Hey, how many safety pins of beads are hanging from your flag pin you're wearing?? Is it 11?? I have the same pin too so was just wondering.
C'mon baby stick!

e. said...

i'm sending all the sticky vibes i can!

Dee said...

Sending lots of sticky, sticky, sticky vibes. Love the OCD pics of everything 11. I'm so praying for you gals. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Marcy "meg" said...

Love the detail girls! I am soooooo excited for you. There is a flurry of BFP's going on right now and I have this feeling you guys are going to jump on board. Hopefully my IVF will be in late October and I will be right behind you!

Oh yes, I posted a link to Rachel's blog in that same post. I updated it! Sorry I didn't put that before!

Holly said...

That's so cool! Very memorable TTC experience - it's going to be a great conception story!!!!

Good luck ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meredith said...

I rubbed my wife's belly this morning, so I'm passing on some baby dust! Good luck! And wow, all those 11s are amazing. :)

Merr said...

WOW this has definately got to work!!!

Krystle said...

Wow the 11 thing is crazy! Good luck, ladies!!!

Chris said...

Good luck you guys :oD

La said...

We are praying lots of baby dust your way. Thanks for the pics and sharing your journey.....it gives us hope.

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

love the pictures. best of luck!