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Thursday, March 15, 2007

We've almost decided

We purchased the info and baby pics on our top 2 donors today. After careful review we still don't know for sure. We like them both. Our only hang up is that 1 has at least 1 reported pregnancy where the other has none.

What to do? What would/did you do?

I've also got another question. I'm going to ask our Doc but in the meantime.....what do you know about CMV...IgC/IgM?


D&E said...

CMV is important. you'll need to get tested to see if you've had it before. 80% of people are exposed to this when they are children, thus creating immunity. if you have not been (i had not) then you *must* get a donor who is CMV negative. if you have, then you're in the clear.

also - not everybody reports their pregnancies so your donor who doesn't have any known pregnancies might not be a bad thing.

jumping out of trees said...

We chose someone who had known pregnancies just to be safe. We also chose an open donor. We have no idea what your alphabet soup (cmv, etc.) means. Good luck! :)

Dee said...

We chose someone with known pregnancies as well. We wanted that extra reassurance that he had good swimmers.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Keep us posted, as I know you will. Sending positive thoughts you're way.