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Friday, January 19, 2007

Thanks everyone for your info. I've got another question.

How much did just your IUI procedure cost? I guess it sounds like I'm shopping around...I guess I kinda am. Until our appt in March I wont have a clue as to the cost. Just trying to get the finances inline.

On a less expensive note.....We might finally be getting some snow around here! I know other places have been hammered but I'm still waiting for the first flake. I love winter and all the white fluffy stuff that comes along with it. Just one good snow and I'll be happy.


Liza said...

I think our IUIs cost ~$250, no drugs, no insurance, one try per cycle. That was 3 tries.

Then we changed jobs, cities, and REs, and whoo-whoo, 3 IUI cycles was covered. We got pregnant the second cycle, which was med clomid and also 2 insems.

Also, we used Fairfax, and chose based on both of our characteristics and also avoiding family medical stuff we already knew we were at risk for. But we hope to each be the biomom once, using the same donor.

Wish us luck. We have 4 shots left. :)

Dee said...

Out doctor charged about $125 for the procedure. We then paid between $300 to $500 for the specimen. Sometimes we would order two specimens and do one IUI and one vaginally at home. We ready somewhere it would increase our chances.

Once we started clomid and then IVF things got much more expensive. I've had several friends get pregnant and it truly seems the friends that used fresh specimens all got pregnant sooner than those doing IUI. And for a lot less money.

Merr said...

Our IUI is $110 for the procedure and $50 to prepare (thaw) it. We have tried doing it at home, but you never know if you thawed it right or not. At least at the doctor they can see them under a microscope.

Anonymous said...

I used fresh and frozen. I got pregnant with the frozen.
$150.00 for the IUI....$300-$500 for the specimen, that includes the shipping.
I recommend getting the Ovulation Monitor as well. It will help solve the guess work in your cycle.
You can usually find them for sale on Ebay.

googiebaba said...

Hi, I found you through baby blogs. My insemination cost $250 at time. The sperm cost a gazillion and we are still paying the little suckers off. Plus, they are stored for $250 a year.