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Friday, August 5, 2011

We're baaaaack!

8 months since my last post? Really? Wow!

Needless to say ALOT has happened. I'll bore ya with some bullets and then round up some pics.

- Our sweet lil flower is 15 months old!

- She had 3 birthday parties! One with my family in Ky, another here in Va with M's fam and then with just the 3 of us on her actual birthday.

- She has 10 teeth

- She's running around all over the place

- She's decided not to talk at the moment but can sign please, more, thank you, drink, eat, dog, cat, book, potty, music, bye bye and help.

- She knows her head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands/fingers, feet/toes, belly, knees and can hold up one finger when asked.

- She'll eat anything

- No bottle or pacifier for 1 month

- Sleeps thru the night like a champ. Down at 6pm...Up at 630 am

- She been going potty on her little pink potty for 3 months. She's signed potty to us twice letting us know she had to go...other than that we just stick her on there when we change her and most of the time she'll go!

- She LOVES books, music, water and the whole Sesame Street gang

- She's just the greatest kid ever!

I may not have posted in FOREVER but we still check in on everyone all the time. Love seeing everyones smiling faces and hearing all about everything!

We've taken pics EVERYDAY of Gracie and posted them on flickr....so if you've got a flickr account look us up on there and follow along. :o) I'm pretty sure you can search us by name (Kim & M) or by my email (va911dispatcher at yahoo dot com). If you find us, just add us as a contact and we'll add you as well so you can see all the pics.

Here's a pic of the family from yesterday....Gracie's 15 month birthday. :o)


Mimi said...

So happy to see that you guys are ok.....wish I had a flicker account.....:^(

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Yeah! Welcome back! Everyone looks GREAT!

Rob said...

Glad everything is going along Great!! So happy and love the lil one is signing :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I love all the flickr photos , they make my week !
what do you mean by not talking?
should this maine nana be concerned? please let me know as I worry about these things ! XOXOOXOXOX

Sparroweye said...

She is just beautiful. That smile. Wow. She has her own steam shovel tractor. Wait til I tell my husband. He is going to be so jealous. We need one up here in the mountains of Franklin, N.C. Not far from Gia now. Thanks for the update. I just updated my blog.

Anonymous said...

stopping in to say Hello !
I love going to flickr and seeing your days , makes me feel like I talk to you everyday ! we changed our number a while ago , going to send you a note in the mail with our new number we have to catch up !
You three are still on my "bucket list" for a visit !
hugs from Maine , nana penny