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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I feel so behind in blogging!

I guess because I am.
Lets see if I can catch up.

Since my last blog....

Gracie has started laughing out loud. LOVE it!

I started taking fenugreek and I'm making a bit more milk.

Sadly tho we've had to add a little bit, 1 ounce, of formula to Gracie's bottles. Thankfully she doesn't seem to mind but boy does her poo stink now! Whew!

She doesn't like to be held like a baby...you know cradled in your arms so sweet and cuddly...oh no...she wants to sit up like a big girl! She's growing so dang fast!

We went to KY last week and spent some time with Granny and Papaw.

While there Gracie saw her first turtle. She seemed to like him. I loved him!

She wore camo for the first time. :o)

Saw Papaws roosters.

And she slept thru her pics with the BIGGEST pumpkin ever!

She's still drooling and stuffing anything in her mouth that she can. Still haven't spotted any toofies yet.

We got another bag of hand me downs from M's cousin. You can't beat good free clothes!

My part time "meter maid" job may possibly turn full time with benefits! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Having someone else pay my insurance would be nice.

People really don't like getting parking tickets! It's only 10 bucks! I swear I thought some woman was gonna come thru the jeep window after me last week! I had her vehicle towed...for unpaid parking tickets...and she tracked me down and told me a thing or too. I was about 2 seconds away from calling for an officer. She was NOT happy. $300+ later she had her vehicle!

We're going to the State Fair this weekend. Fun!

We found a new consignment shop down the road. Once Upon A Child It's great! They buy your stuff up front...no waiting around for them to sell it before you get your cash. We took a bunch of Gracie's preemie stuff to them and walked out with $37....enough for a couple boxes of diapers and wipes. Their grand opening is tomorrow.....we're going!

We got Gracie a bookshelf for her many $1 Target books. It fits perfectly.

I know there's a bunch more that's happened but I'm drawing a blank.

And of course....here's a few more pics!

I love this one! And it's NOT photoshopped! It was beautiful out the other day so we just held up our little angel and started snapping!


Jen said...

Hey Kim. She is BEAUTIFUL! My nephew was born 4/30 so they are so close in age and it's interesting to see where they are at thus far : )

What's your email? I wanted to ask you guys a few questions... I'm moving below the Mason Dixon line in a few weeks :) Talk soon hopefully : )

Teaberry said...

I love the camo onesie! How cute-- so is the last one. We need that in blue!

I really do hope that we can get the kiddies together one day....

AJ's mommy said...

Love the updates! She is a cutie!

Melissa said...

She is so perfect and beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL lil girl, you are sure two VERY BLESSED moms! love watching her ggrow

Jen said...

Oh, she's just beautiful! Love the pic of sleeping beauty on the giant pumpkin. We have a Once Upon a Child only a few miles from our house. I LOVE that place. It's huge. I recently bought several dresses for $2.50 - $3.50 each and a Little Tikes car for her to ride around in and I love getting books there. Good books for $1.00 each.
Congrats on getting to go full time. Hope that works out!

Sparroweye said...

Gracie is soo photogenic. Don't feel bad about adding a bit of formula. And yes, breast milk poo is less offensive. But eventually you will add solids so it will happen anyway. Hey, for a first time Mom, breast feeding. You far surpassed me. I only lasted two months the first time. Four months the second baby and all the way to six months on the last one. I would have gone longer but my milk dried up when I got a bad cold.

Svillage said...

She's gorgeous! Fingers crossed that the job works out!

Finch and Wren said...

Thanks so much for sharing some pictures! She is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Dont' stop taking them. You won't believe how fast she leaves one stage for another. My youngest son (of 3 boys) is 16 months tomorrow, and as much as I know 3 tests my capabilites (and at 39 I'm no spring chicken), I'm still a bit sad that there won't be more baby time soon. Sam is walking and learning new words every day, and it goes SO FAST!.