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Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 months

Gracie turned 3 months old yesterday! Where did the time go!?


We bumped her feedings up to 4 ounces. How much did your little one eat at 3 months?

Anyone freeze breast milk? I put the first batch in the freezer today. Anything we should do or not do? Anything we should know?


Gracie's beautiful head full of hair has started to thin in the back. :o(


Work is going well. I'm really enjoying myself. 59 tickets yesterday.

Louise - No office job for me this time. I write parking tickets...outside (and my gosh it's been HOT lately). You know for overtime parking, no city decals, parking in handicap spots and fire lanes, etc....


Tara - Nope our # ends in 3.



Merr said...

She is a doll! Happy 3 months!
I think my kids were eating 4-6 ounces at this age, but they were hogs!
Yes you can freeze breastmilk. Just label it with the date and use it within like 3 months I think. Also to thaw just run it under hot water.

Melissa said...

I think my son was eating 6 ounces by 3 months, but every child is different. As long as she's wetting 6 diapers a day and gaining weight then keep doing what you're doing.

You should thaw breast milk in the fridge but if you need it faster then thaw in warm water, not too hot cause it can ruin the nutrients.

Here's a great page on everything...


H2 said...

I just LOVE the pics with you mamas in them! Adorable.

Ali said...

She is so beautiful! I love her fat cheeks. Looks like she is getting plenty!! HC is 9mo and still only takes a 4oz breastmilk bottle. I nurse on demand when I am home so I think she just takes enough to get by when I am gone. We freeze in Lansinoh bags, laid flat in the freezer to freeze and then stacked standing up once frozen with earliest date first. Only real rule I know is to make sure you squeeze all the air out before you seal it up. We defrost under running cool water and freeze in 4oz and 2oz bags. When I first started freezing I was filling them up (6oz) but then found it wasn't all being used. And wasting breastmilk (or liquid gold as we call it at our house) I believe is a mortal sin :) If she is only taking 3oz then you may want to freeze just that much in a bag. Once you defrost it, it has to be used w/in 24hrs. There are plenty of good sites with all the 'rules'.
Take it easy with those tickets. We are flying to KY in Sept.. I don't want one on my car ;)

laura w said...

SHe looks JUST LIKE YOU! How adorable!

Teaberry said...


3, huh...? :-)

Hope they can meet one day!

Anonymous said...

Freezing breastmilk is just fine... all the previous comments have it right. Don't be alarmed if the thawed milk is a bit grainy. Perfectly normal.

Beautiful baby.


loony said...

good to see so many helpful comments...!
my loony note : along with Lora and the grainy look to the milk... it will look almost seperated sometimes... just shake rattle and roll the bag when defrosted to mix it back together.

3mths!!!! wowzers! have you invested in some ice cube trays for food yet? have you thought about making your own??!!! TIPS available and the food is soo much better... Aspen and Ryki wouldn't touch the jar stuff with a ten foot pole!

Sparroweye said...

She is soooo beautiful. She looks so healthy so you must be doing something right.