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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pics and stuff

I'm feeling the need to blog but running short on time so this will have to work...

  • I am SO enjoying being a mommy
  • There just aren't enough words to describe the happiness
  • Leaving my 12 hour shift work job has been the BEST thing
  • Gracie is growing like a weed
  • She's already almost 3 months old
  • Time really does fly
  • Gracie smiles are the best
  • I got another job
  • At the police dept I used to work at
  • I now write parking tickets
  • 8 hours a day
  • 3 days a week
  • A good old fashioned "meter maid"
  • Only there are no meters
  • I start Monday
  • M and her mom will be watching Gracie
  • I'm kinda stressing about leaving her
  • I know she will be fine
  • But I might not
  • I get to come home at noon everyday to pump
  • Work is less than 10 mins from the house
  • I'll work a few more hours in October when M's mom retires
  • Gracie is now sleeping up to 5 hours straight at night
  • This makes for 2 very happy mommies
  • Aunt Flo returned yesterday
  • I didn't miss that at all
  • We found one of Gracie's half siblings
  • An adorable little girl 3 months older
  • She's in California
  • Still waiting to hear from a half brother in Australia
  • And another half sister in Nevada
  • I wonder how many more there are
  • Will we ever meet?
  • Gracie an I had meltdowns together today
  • I clipped her nail a little too close
  • She screamed
  • Her thumb bled
  • I bawled
  • Couldn't find a tiny band aid
  • Cut a Star Wars one in half
  • Bad mommy
  • M's in charge of nail trimming now
  • I'm fat
  • Miss my old clothes
  • Have exercise equipment in the garage
  • Too hot outside to use them
  • How will I survive being away from Gracie for 8 hours?
  • 5 hours yesterday just about did me in
  • I swear she grew while I was gone
  • I don't want to miss anything
  • Will she even know I'm gone?


Melissa said...

It is hard being away from them, but it does get easier I swear. The best part is when they see you at the end of the day and their eyes light up and you get the biggest smile you have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You don't look fat in any of those pictures! You look fabulous!

Louise in Canada

Teaberry said...

it is definitely hard leaving for the first time-- she will know but it will be okay in the long run... if you want to commiserate, you know my email!!

she is totally adorable, by the way!

how did you find her half siblings??

H2 said...

What adorable pictures! Leaving will be hard but in some respects getting out will do you both some good. She's getting so big!

Ali said...

Leaving is so hard, I still cry sometimes. 8hrs is way better than 12.
I LOVE her smiles! Oh and forget the nail trimmers...just bite them. One of the best pieces of advice I got. You will never make her bleed and especially after a bath they are really soft

Ali said...
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Sparroweye said...

I wanted to say in your Flickr photographs I have never seen you more beautiful Kim. You are just blooming. You are sooo not Fat. I think this is a tiny bit of post partum. Don't worry, it will lesson in time. The seventh photo down of you holding Gracen, she could be your twin. Her face, nose, eyes, all you. She is so beautiful, it just brings me to tears of joy. And yes she will miss you, but it is good for her to know Mommy will be back.