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Monday, June 21, 2010

Q & A

Since Gracie's birth we've received a couple of questions on here. I figured it was about time I answered them. Sorry for taking so long.

Welcome2OurWorld - You asked about maternity leave and who will be watching Gracie when I return to work. I'm super envious of the leave you can take in Germany. That would be terrific. As it stands with me, I was able to take one month off paid but I had to use up all my sick and vacation leave to do that and then this second month is all without pay....returning to 12 hour shift work on July 2. As far as a babysitter is concerned, M's mom is retiring in September and is just dying to watch her. She lives across the street and 2 houses down...talk about convenient! However I am SO happy to tell you all that M and I have decided that I will QUIT WORK and STAY HOME with Gracie! I turned in my resignation letter last Wednesday. Woowhoo! I'll be home for atleast for the next 2 months and then I'll return to work somewhere part time. Our biggest concern about me leaving work was insurance. M can't carry us on hers and we must have it. We called around and found out that it wasn't as expensive to pay out of pocket for coverage as we thought it would be. So now I get to have the greatest job ever....taking care of our little girl!

Laura - No questions but GO BIG BLUE!! A friend of ours in West Virginia sent Gracie a little onesie with WV on it. NOT funny! :o) So now we are on a mission to find some UK stuff. I can't believe we don't have any!

Michaela - Thanks for the sweet comments on Gracie's little onsies. We had a hard time when she was first born finding anything small enough to fit. We did however find some really cute ones at Target. Do you have Target is Austria? I'm sure you could order some from their website.

Who did I forget?

Now I have a couple of questions.

I noticed about a week ago that Gracie has a flat spot on the back on her head (left side). I, of course, googled it and it seems we are not alone. Did any of your little ones have a flat spot? What did you do? Just try to keep their head turned while lying down? Any other suggestions? Should be we concerned? We will ask the doc at our next appointment but I was wondering about your experiences.

And for those of you that breastfed, when did your little ones start sleeping for longer than 2-3 hours at a time at night? Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining but it sure will be nice when that time comes for us. :o)

I know I had more questions but I'm blank now.

Suggestions, tips or any advice you guys have about anything? We'd love to hear it all.

We are all doing great. Gracie is growing like a crazy flower. M is continuing to be the best mommy ever and I'm doing great....well besides my poor, overworked boobs...all is well. :o)

We're heading back to Kentucky again this weekend for a few days. Granny and Papaw are having with drawls!
And as always, I'll leave with a few pics.


Ali said...

She is so precious!! I am just so happy for you all! And thrilled you are getting to quit work. I have wanted to since I went back. We are trying to sell out house so I can. HC still gets up 2-4 times a night to comfort nurse, she is 8 months. I have a few friends that their babies will go 4 or 5 hours at night. We have not had that experience. But we waited so long for her, I don't complain either. Just glad I have a baby to nurse at night. We co-sleep, so it is pretty easy, I don't have to 'wake up' too much :)

Mimi said...

Could you stay part time at your work? maybe that your time will help you .....just wondering....

Merr said...

Camden had "flat head syndrome" as we called it. We caught it too late and tried switching sides when he slept at night. He just preferred to turn his head the same way all the time. So with Khapri we made a little nest of rolled up blankets in her crib, and took turns sleeping her on each side and her back. One night her feet would be at one end and the next night they would be at the other end. We also limited her time in swings, car seats, and bouncy seats. It is hard work trying to keep up with all that but worth it. Khapri's head is perfect;y round! Good luck and congrats on getting to stay home,, that is awesome!

Ali said...

Oh and I have worn HC in a sling for a large portion of the day since she was born. If you don't already wear her you might try it. It is awesome for feeling close and still being able to do things. I have a baby K'Tan and a maya wrap. And love both. All round heads here! :)

Sparroweye said...

I nursed my third baby to a cup. I was told breastfed is digested quicker. They use it more completely. I think I remember by the time the pediatrician said we could add cereal at evening nursing, that the baby started sleeping longer. Maybe if she is nursing very well, the doctor will allow rice cereal at three months or four months. But be warned, adding cereal will cut down on your breast milk. She is so beautiful. Really a gorgeous baby.

welcome2ourworld said...

Thanks for the answer :) Couldn't read it earlier, our son keeps me busy most of the day :D You daughter is soooo cute :D I think she looks much like you. Adorable :)