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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dad made it!

So far, so good.

He was in surgery about 5-6 hours.

They did a double bypass.

He was still out when we left last night.

Heading back to the hospital now.

He's still not out of the woods but its a start.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Keep them coming.


Sparroweye said...

Great news. Sending prayers up. Dads and Grandpa's are so important. He will be fine.

dykeevolution.com said...

So glad to hear he made it. xo

Liz1971 said...

yay!!! :) xo

Teaberry said...

Wonderful news!

Carrie said...

so glad he's doing ok. we will keep rooting for him!

Penny said...

Happy Thoughts !

sending prayers for a speedy recovery !

How you doing? rash gone?

Stacey said...

sending love girls, hope all is going well. xc

loony said...

fantastic news!!

Penny said...

are you home?

Kim said...

Dad's coming home today and we're heading back home to VA bright and early in the morning.

Now comes the hard part of leaving mom and dad and putting their care in my brothers hands.

Keep those prayers coming!

Penny said...

sending love
let me know you are home safe and sound , will continue to send prayers for Dad ! and his caregivers !