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Thursday, February 11, 2010

23 weeks

Our doctors appointment today was pretty short and sweet.

We heard our little girls heartbeat and it was right on track....in the 150s. She's been moving around like crazy so I wasn't so worried this time about not hearing it but it was still music to my ears.

However the numbers on the scale apparently weren't so on track. I found myself doing a second look to make sure I was seeing it correctly. I was. And so did the doctor. She all but called me fat. That hurt. She asked what I was eating and if I was exercising. I eat whatever. Nothing crazy. Sure its more than I did before I got pregnant because I was dieting and plus I'm hungrier now. Anyhow, she told me to walk and eat more veggies. Needless to say I sat in the parking lot and cried afterwards. No one likes to be told they're fat....especially those us who have dealt with weight issues their whole lives.

According to all the stuff I've read, I've already gained, in almost 6 months, what I should gain during the entire pregnancy. Now what? I can't stop eating and I certainly am not going to exercise myself to death.

I'm stressing. I don't like stress!

Other than being fat....I'm good to go!

We've pretty much got the nursery finished up. We just need to get a rocker of some kind and we'll be all set.

Any suggestions on a good rocker? Preferably one that swivels.

And what about breast pumps? Any we should stay away from? What should we look for?

And while we're at it...what about a good jogging stroller?

I'll leave you with a picture taken last week. Kind of a sneak peak of the nursery. :o)

Am I really that fat? Keep in mind I am almost 6 months pregnant! :o)


Hope said...

Uhm if you are fat I must be the fattest bitch on earth lol. Seriously you are far from fat. You look awesome! Keep up with the belly pics. I would love to watch your belly grow.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great. Post more belly photos! Eat all the healthy food you want and know that all those nutrients are going to your sweet baby girl...stress is worse than a little weight, so don't stress! P.S. My sister gained 100 pounds for each of her pregnancies. Had perfectly healthy babies, easy deliveries, and lost all the weight quickly. Have no fear.

Liz1971 said...






Anonymous said...

Totally.Not.Fat! You look fabulous! Hang in there!


Karen said...

You look fantastic. Beautiful!! Nursery looks cute too, what we can see anyway. Don't worry too much about weight. Just do your best to stay healthy! :)

Mina said...

You are SO not fat! You are adorable! The nursery is looking cute, and I'm happy your little girl is doing so well!

Mimi said...

Piss on them damn doctors!!! my girl friend gained over 60 some pounds each time with all three of her babies and she's thin as thin....now me on the other hand gained 35 with the first and 23 with the second and I'm FAT....so as long as you are happy you will be ok......and no you don't look fat you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

tiff said...

You are NOT fat!!! I would like to kick your OB. Ignore her and just eat based on when you're hungry! The weight will come off quickly with you breastfeeding. So sorry you had to listen to that though....try to let it go in one ear, out the other.

As for breastpumps....go with Medela. The Medela SWING has gotten GREAT reviews....and you can buy it much cheaper on amazon - about 105 bucks!

Ali said...

You look great :) Increase your protein and stay away from processed and empty calorie carbs. You probably won't gain much the last month. I even lost a couple. There is just no room for food.

I use the Medela pump n style and it works well. There is a newer one from another brand that has gotten high reviews but of course I cannot think of the name. But the word is not used pumps. We still haven't gotten a glider but are still looking for a good sale. We just use the chairs that rock in our living room.

Nursery looking good! :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful !!!!
I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant !!!!!!
The nursery is beautiful !
No crying , this is a happy time !!!
DO i need to get on a plane and come cheer you up ?
hugs from maine !

loony said...

FAT?! ya ok?! tell the doc to stuff it...but you damn well better be feeding my little niecey healthy food...and not that box crap!!! LOL
breast pumps... ? I couldn't use them...the motor the pumping I would stress and nothing would flow! LOL but I can tell ya... an 8ounce bottle would fill in no time with strategic hand pumping... quicker and no cleaning !!! (will fill you in if you want)
You look beautiful and the nursery?! FAB!
6mths down ...a few more to go...so excited! and LOVE the bump!

Carrie said...

dude you look great!!!!! MY original OB basically told me I was fat, too, and that I'd have a huge baby. I've gained 27 pounds and I'm 30 weeks now. Our bodies gain whatever they are meant to gain. My mom and sister ate well and worked out consistently, and they both gained 45lbs with each pregnancy. I never workout, ever. I'll own that. :) I don't eat perfectly, but I certainly don't gorge on junk food all day. I've learned to just let it go...try my best, do what I can, and not let society's pressure to be thin wear me down. Sending you lots of support...and srsly tho, you look great mama!

laura w said...

You look good! DOnt stress it too much! I found that I actually lost a few pounds toward the end as baby was in a growth spurt- Keep us updated- I am so very excited for you!

Anonymous said...

You are not fat lady!

Had been away from your blog for a year and a half......not quite sure how I found it in the first place, actually - and was happy to see all is REALLY well!

I am a L/D RN and have a few pointers - don't not exercise at all, walking daily is fine, but don't go overboard. You want to be in semi-decent shape regardless of wt gain just to get through labor...which is a marathon. You'll do fine :) As for a breast pump, Medela rocks. It's what we even use in the hospital - stay away from playtex, etc. - you want to go with a company that specializes in breast pumps specifically. And DO get a pumping bra from medela if you're going back to work....hands free with both sides at once. Translation - you can eat your lunch while you pump. Awesome.

One more piece of unsolicited advice? Take a breastfeeding class. Really. If I hear 'it's natural so it will be easy' from one more person I will scream! Its unfortunately not easy right off the bat most of the time - I'd say about 10% of babies come out knowing what to do. It can almost always work, but take the help when offered in the hospital :-) You'll be a happy lady in the long run. Best wishes and Congrats!


Anonymous said...

you look great for 6 months. I got the same talk, but at 20 weeks. No worries I think everyone gets the talk.
As far as pumps. The medela's are great.
Joggers we have a BOB and love it, I think it's the revolution. Having used another jogger (a chariot) after the bob you can tell a huge difference in quality. If you are going to use it a lot I would get a bob. Craigslist is a good place to look, if you don't mind not buying new.
A from NOVA

Teaberry said...

Eh, any doctor who calls a pregnant woman fat should get a shock! I think you look great-- eat what your body tells you to eat... I think that's because that's what the baby wants.

I am SO excited for you guys! Enjoy your pregnancy-- it was so wonderful and I am sooooo nostalgic for mine!!

As far as a breast pump goes, I rented one from our hospital, and have heard that these are the best because they're the strongest. Ours is 75 dollars for the whole month, which we think is really reasonable. They gave me the pieces for the machine while I was in the hospital, too. Also, I really found the lactation consultants at the hospital to be a HUGE help, and I'm going to go see one tomorrow, too. Be sure to see if you can have one come visit you in the hospital!!

Looking forward to more updates!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness, you are so NOT fat!!!!
You look absolutely beautiful
E xxxx

j.k-c. said...

You don't look fat to me, at all! I do love that baby bump! :)

I LOVED my Medela pump in style (as much as anyone can really love a breast pump lol). I had to pump a lot when I went back to work so it was worth the price.

We have a dutailer glider which I adore (ours doesn't swivel, but you can get one that does) that my mom got us. And I can't tell you the hours that I have spent in it.

We don't have a jogging stroller so I'm no help there.

When I was pregnant many people told me that breastfeeding would help to take the baby weight off and I didn't believe them at all but holy cow it worked! I'm down 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight! Burning calories sitting on my ass...that's my kind of workout. :)
Right now you are supposed to be gaining weight! Your baby is growing and then there is the extra blood (50% more) and the placenta and the extra water weight, etc. Just take care of yourself and you will be great!!

La said...

You look amazing! I'm loving what I see of the nursery so far.

welcome2ourworld said...

Excuse me ? You are NOT fat ! You look beautiful with that cute belly :) Don't you worry...and I am glad everything is fine with the little One :)

NJ MOMS said...

You look great! Definitely not fat!! Your body knows what's best for you and the baby, so if it tells you to eat - then EAT!!!
After the little munchkin is born, the weight will come off, especially if you plan on nursing!
Happy Valentines Day to you both (and the little one)!
Hugs from New Jersey!

PS- Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump always gets the greatest reviews.

Toni :O) said...

You are SO not fat, I'd find a new doctor....you are glowing and beautiful if anything as you should be!

Sparroweye said...

My son got a sort of three wheel jogging stroller that is kind of nice. They don't both jog but its great for fast walking too. Breast pumps are good for stock piling milk. They had a one. Unfortunately breast feeding was too hard to keep up. So don't feel bad if you don't succeed. I lasted three months with the first baby, 5 months with the second, and to the cup with the last. it ties you down, does not let the partner help. But they say for the first few months its like liquid gold for immunities. You look great. That doctor is crazy. Just move a bit more, and add a few healthy snacks. I love that nursery and picture of you. so great to finally see this. Six months whoooo whoooo

Sparroweye said...

You so do not look fat to me. They say that to everyone at six months. It's the standard. I probably gained thirty pounds with each one. I did lose fast and I did breast feed. Try and get The complete book of breast feeding. And get a lactation coach or a friend who has done it and succeeded. Every baby is different. I only had one that was a good nurser. The other two were fussy as heck. My letdown, the richer milk never did work good with the fussy eaters. They would not suck long enough. You look so cute. NOT FAT.... SO NOT FAT.

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Chris said...

I've been off the Internet for a while, so I wanted to send you a belated CONGRATS!!! Very glad to see everything is going well :o)

And totally not fat.