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Friday, November 13, 2009

Well the lump in my arm pit is just a swollen lymph node. The doc said it looked like nothing to be worried about...just to keep an eye on it and it if gets bigger to have it checked again.

Works for me.

Oh and I got out of the mamo. They just did a scan of my arm pit. No smooshed boobs for me today!

And get this!

I have another sinus infection!

One more week til our next scan.

I'm feeling just fine. I still don't like food and my head feels like it's going to explode but other than that...all is good!



N said...

The sinus infection could explain the lymph node. But mine (my pits and my throat - they're always my first defenders) were swollen through most of early pregnancy. Most days, they still are. It's just my body's way of reacting, I guess...

YAY for no boob smooshing!

Sparroweye said...

Thank you so much Kim for this update. I feel like I am holding my breath and traveling this road with you two. Sometimes you feel a bit run down the first trimester. I slept all the time. But you will eat everything in sight by the fifth month. Yay too for the no boob smashing.

Liz1971 said...

glad it was just a swollen lymph node!

hope you feel better soon... xo

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update !
hope you feel better real soon !
enjoy each day the best you can !
hugs and butterfly kisses

Teaberry said...

Yeah, sometimes my lymph nodes in my neck swell up when I'm sick with a cold or something. My dad used to be able to tell if I was really sick or not that way-- he'd feel my neck and tell me if I could stay home from school or not!

Glad to hear an update--- hope all is progressing well! How far along are you now? We are SO excited!!

tammy said...

sending our buffalo love out to you! ps. with all 3 girls I had swollen lymph nodes in early pregnancy too.

jean said...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow ladies, i have everything crossed that things go well for you and little one.
With love xx

Anonymous said...

sending you love from maine !

Donna's World said...

Hot Damn!!!! I hadn't read blogs for a long time, and decided today was the day to catch up.... WONDERFUL to read about the flower in your garden!!!! (p.s. I had awful morning sickness with my first, threw up lots but still gained weight. Went away just like yours has done, then it was just the long, long wait til birth time. She's now 43...can't believe it! Miracles do happen and I can't wait for yours!) love, donna

Anonymous said...

Hows things going? Praying for good news soon xx