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Friday, September 5, 2008

10 DPO

Without my notes, which are in the bathroom at home, here's what I can remember from the past few days....

7 DPO/I - (evening) - tired, hungry, "pinches", sick belly before bed (didn't throw up, just felt yucky), "tickles"

8DPO/I - tired, "pinches", few cramps, hungry, "tickles"

9 DPO/I - tired, not so many cramps, hungry, tingly boobs, more "tickles"

10 DPO/I - (morning) - tired, hungry, few cramps, "tickles"

Now let me fill ya in on a couple of things.

The night I had the sick belly just happened to be on the same day ( 7 DPO) as the first two positive times. I didn't notice this until I logged it into my notes and went back to check past symptoms.

Our last 2 negatives I didn't have the sick feeling at all.

Just saying....

And now for the "tickles". That's really the only way to describe it other than it feels like something is crawling on my abdomen. (I checked and there wasn't :o) ) I also had those the first 2 positive times but didn't know how to describe them. But it's defiantly the same feeling.

Again...just saying...

I was a fool the last 2 negative times by thinking it was positive...so why not go for it again this time?

So...on with my ramblings.

I had a hair appointment yesterday, which I almost cancelled because I was getting highlights and didn't want the fumes/chemicals ruining anything. I went. My hair is cute with blond highlights now but that's not the point. Heck, I don't really have a point, just a ramble.

So, in walks a lady carrying a teeny weeny little baby. How stinkin' cute was she? Wow! I want one! Then I over hear one of the ladies talking about her new triplet nephews. Triplets! Wow! She goes on to say how they are identical! Wow again! And then to say they used no fertility stuff. BIG wow! Then as if my head isn't already swimming enough with the first baby, all the fumes and the talk of triplets...when I finally concentrate on the magazine I've been flipping thru, I see an article about Kentucky. Of course I start reading it and it ends up talking a family with TRIPLETS!

A singleton with the first pregnancy.

Twins with the second.

Triplets with the third?

One can only hope! :o)

I think I need to turn up my hope meter.

I tested this morning.


I know it's still early but no one in our shoes likes to see a single line.

I'll try again in the morning. 11 DPO has been good to us in the past.


Lizzie said...

Really, really hoping you get your positive tomorrow!

Heidi said...

Wow!!! That's sounding really promising!! :P on this morning's negative....it doesn't know what it is talking about :)


vee said...

Really hopeful for you!

La said...

:) praying and hoping with you.

Melissa said...

hoping tomorrow is your day!!

Sara said...

fingers crossed!

Merr said...

I can't wait so make sure you post right away!!! This has got to be the one!

K J and the kids said...

Those are some good feelings girl.
All except the triplets part.....that's GOTTA br the hormones talking :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for 2 lines!!!! oxox jo

Anonymous said...

Crossing anything I can for you!